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Recent content by Omgitsatree

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    WTS FV 1-85 PL - Quick service with Good Price

    Currently power leveling other toons up for myself so while doing that might as well Powerlevel some others while im at it - would have a few slots open. You do not need to attack you can just sit there and soak in the xp. Prefer Krono or just Plat atm as payment Can ask for a specific...
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    Power leveling Services on Agnarr ~~Cheap and Affordable services to meet you Needs~~

    *Agnarr Server* *Power leveling Services* Services will be offered to those of various levels and special requests can be made upon request. At the Moment my Power leveling will take you swiftly through the pain of them earlier levels. I can offer from ranges 1-40 atm to get settled...
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    WTB PowerLevel

    Looking to buy Powerlevel services for my Bard on p99 Blue, Starting rougly at level 5. PM me prices. Thanks!:)
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    WTB Plat (p99 blue)

    Want to buy Platinum on Project 1999 Blue server. I asked 4$/K but the price can be made to where we both agree. Also if there are various other twink items for Monks, or Rogue's you have up for sale including plat I might look into buying them off you. Thanks:)