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WTS FV 1-85 PL - Quick service with Good Price (1 Viewer)

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Apr 22, 2015
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Buyer Requirements
📌 No requirements really this is mostly in game transaction - so you can be F2p or All access - new account or old account
Currently power leveling other toons up for myself so while doing that might as well Powerlevel some others while im at it - would have a few slots open.

You do not need to attack you can just sit there and soak in the xp.

Prefer Krono or just Plat atm as payment

Can ask for a specific request such as going to just 50 or just to 70 doesn't have to be to 85.

Flat rate - You pay for this level i get you to that level - no Plat per hour type of rate

Send a Direct Message on here for more details such as Price - Times available - Multiple characters - Other

*this is just something I am doing temporary because of leveling my other characters across accounts so this is not a permanent thing i will be doing*
Refund Policy
🛎️ Pretty cut and dry - Once you get a feel for service you may pay or decide this isn't not for you - After you pay and receive the level you desire obviously no refunds at that point.
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