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Accounts Live (normal server) WTS 115 FULL CoV Raid geared paladin with 5/7 rallos ear! Price drop to $950 (1 Viewer)


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Dec 16, 2020
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115 FULL CoV raid geared paladin for sale! stats will be much higher if you add things like tribute raid buff etc
1 evolving item which is rallos ear 5/7 completed!

ToV progression done just need to complete some raids for the toon

Tradeskills are as follows.
Baking 300 - Master baker Trophy which adds 36 more points
Fletching 202 - Freshman fletcher trophy which adds 8 more points
Jewelry Craft 281 - expert jewelry trophy which adds 24 points
pottery 259 - expert potter trophy
research 285 - expert research trophy
blacksmith 268 - expert smith trophy
Tailoring 269 - expert tailoring trophy

has tov snow griffon mount, 30kaas.

Asking for $950 usd ONO ( also open to offers )

The account is clean, no first name or last night, no Secret question has been set, meaning once account taken over you can be the original owner. No credit card has been used on the account, Paypal was used to purchase CoV expansion and krono was used to activate the first month.
char comes with 1 44 slot backpack, 2 40 slot backpack and 1 24 backpack.
The screenshot of raid items below shows CoV ore raid gear and the rest are just CoV raid gear. Thank you for viewing.
Refund Policy
๐Ÿ›Ž๏ธ no refunds once info is traded


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