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WTB Mischief WTB Heritage crate prizes on Mischief (1 Viewer)


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Jan 24, 2024
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📌 Must be a nice guy.
I accidentally deleted my other post when trying to bump it, so here we go again. 😑

WTB the following Heritage Crate illusions on the Mischief server:

Dwarven Sentinel Visage ***
Veil of Veksar **
Guise of the Gilded Gnomework
Daring Deathfist Disguise
Face of the Drowned
Visage of a Paineel Skeleton **

** - Really want. I want them all but these are chase goals.

I'm also possibly in the market for the following mounts:
Lumbering Chokidai Bridle

I am also potentially willing to purchase ANY of your Heritage crate illusions & mounts. Just send me a message or make a post with what you have and the price you're looking to get.

NO -
Resplendent Owlbear Saddle
Visage of an Enchanted Armor Guardian
Visage of a Shissar Priest
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Have obtained Dwarven Sentinel Visage. Still looking to buy potentially any heritage illusions, but particularly those listed above.

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