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    Krono Sold out

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    Krono Sold

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    Krono WTS Krono - SOLD OUT

    sold out for now
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    Items Aradune Cleric Epic MQ on Aradune (VERIFIED!)

    Godswill65 bought one last night...that's the 3rd one I've sold.
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    Items Aradune Cleric Epic MQ on Aradune (VERIFIED!)

    The lowest I've done the MQ with is level 32. I've sold 3 so far on Aradune to very satisfied customers. I prefer to get into some type of voice chat or phone call once both of our characters are in place and I walk the buyer through the 3 turn ins. Takes less than 60 seconds to finish.
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    Items Aradune Cleric Epic MQ on Aradune (VERIFIED!)

    Selling the full cleric epic MQ on Aradune (clicky mana free 96% rez) - 1 in stock at the moment. https://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=152
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    50 Mage (Aradune) SOLD

    50 High Elf Mage - $150 -keyed up in PoSky to sister island (has the turn in for that island in bag) -has the PoSky common mage bracer, -PoHate robe, crown, arms, gloves, bracer... -other various loam pieces to fill out other slots (missing loam shoulders) -highest int jewelry or the equivalent...
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    WTS 50 Warrior (Aradune) PRICE DROPPED (again)

    -Full hate gear (all 8 visible pieces) -Skull shaped barbute, fine plate cloak and mask -2 5/55 rings and 2 platinum bloodstone earring -Polished mithril torque and Carnal pauldrons -Belt of Contention (the 21% sky haste belt) -Ssoy/Spiroc Wingblade (keyed to Aviak island in sky with turn in...
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    WTB Shield of the Immaculate - Aradune

    PM me if you're looking to sell
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    50 Cleric on Aradune (Geared)

    Cleric has PoHate bp, helm, legs, gebs, all the best wisdom jewelry, molten cloak, chrysoberel talisman, 2 runed mithril bracers, small wisdom deity, charred guardian shield, weight of gods from posky. Has DE clicky - 214 wisdom I will give buyer access to the email. No name or CC has ever been...
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    WTS 50 Cleric & 50 Enchanter (Price Reduced!)

    Two separate accounts to sell: 50 High Elf Enchanter- $500 obo x3 40 slot bags All relevant spells (including lvl41 tash quest) 50 High Elf Cleric - $300 x3 40 slot bags All relevant spells Decently geared w/ multiple withered pieces, mithril tunic, ruined battleworn morningstar P.S...
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    ARADUNE - Level 50 Mage, Level 50 Cleric

    Separate accounts that are mostly naked except for no-drop gear gotten along the way There is no Credit Card on the account and each account has a separate email address that will be yours also. Secret questions are set. Please message me with any questions you may have ps - I am the...
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    Selling Krono - Any Server - Instant Delivery

    Paypal FnF
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    $9 each

    Will take 5 if available.
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    WTB Jagged Diamond Dagger & Kedge Robe MQ

    Bump, still looking