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    WTB Aradune Shaman 40+ De mask pref

    Looking for a shaman 40+ also would like prenerf mask. Race doesn't matter
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    60 bard

    I sold my epic bard for 350
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    WTS 60 Cleric/ Enchanter and 58 Epic druid

    Selling a few toons dont play as much now 60 Cleric ( No epic ) Has full set of thurg armor minus arms and gloves, has 199 wis and 3900 mana unbuffed. Has jboots as well. Asking 275 60 Enchanter has 198 int and 153 charisma unbuffed has 275 jewelcrafting also has 30 slot bag Asking 275 58 Epic...
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    Selling full Rogue Epic

    Guildie mq'd to a 35 and i did monk epic at 36
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    WTB Cowl of Mortality!

    Looking for a Cowl of mortality hit me up if you got one and what your asking. Paying in kronos! - - - Updated - - - Bump!
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    Wtb kronos!

    Looking for 4 or 5 kronos, paying 10 each hit me up
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    WTS White Dragon Scale Cloak Improved Dmg III

    He might not really want to get rid of it just throwing a price out there that hes willing to part with it. Its not your job to determine prices people should sell there items at. I'm sure if he has a white dragonscale cloak he knows what it goes for not your average noob has an item like that.
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    WTS White Dragon Scale Cloak Improved Dmg III

    Luminati why do you constantly go on peoples threads and troll
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    WTS 20 bard!

    Selling 20 bard, not my type has 3 exp pots and 23 days left. 10 bucks or a krono! Created with krono, sqa not set. Can give you the email it was created with as well.
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    WTB Enchanter 45+

    Looking for 45+ enchanter needs to be fresh account with no SQA set, hit me up with what you got
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    WTS 50 cleric hate geared

    Selling a 50 cleric, full hate gear, 40 slot bag, nicely geared toon you wont be disappointed. 400 obo
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    WTB 6 kronos!

    Paying 50 for 6 kronos!
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    Is sqa set? Id do 220
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    Wtb druid

    Looking for druid, prefer 45+ hit me up with what you got
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    65 Rogue - 68AA - Some Basic Starter Gear - Flagged for: Time, Ele, VT, Emp, ST

    Free bump for killing the economy! Jk :)