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Recent content by mrmcgee21

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    Accounts Rizlona WTS Time Geared Chars with Full PoP flags, VT keys, Emp Keys, ST keys (Out of Stock)

    Out of stock for now! Top tier chars from my raid team, they are all wearing PoTime, Ele Gear, and VT gear and ready to do any content! All toons are FULLY PoP flagged, VT keyed, SSRA keyed, ST keyed These toons have been actively used so all skills are already leveled, all toons of their PoP...
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    WTB Live (normal server) WTB Claws of Veeshan Tickets

    Looking to buy several of these, paying well! DM me!
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    Krono Mischief WTS Krono 12 USD Per All Servers! (no stock)

    Out of stock for now, thanks! Instant delivery all servers! Bulk Orders welcome Min Purchase 5 Krono Paypal friends and family please!
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    VT Geared Toons - Raid Geared Necro, Monk, and 3 CotH mages!

    Level 60 Necro 150 AA with VT/Emp/ST Key done (250 USD) SOLD - Has all spell focus items from VT (mostly VT raid geared) - Has all ancient spells (Master of Death, Lifebane ect) - 4k hp 5200 Mana unbuffed Level 60 Monk 200AA with VT/Emp/ST Key done (180 USD) - Has Abashi's Rod of Disempowerment...
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    WTS Krono 10 USD Ea. (Soldout!)

    Instant delivery all servers! Bulk Orders welcome Sorry sold out! Min Purchase 5 Krono Paypal friends and family only please!
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    Raid Geared Epic'd Premium Accounts for sale!! (Bard, Cleric, Monk, Rogue, Warrior, Shaman, Druid, Wizard) - Out of Stock!!

    We are currently out of stock but will be restocking with raid geared Velious toons in the coming weeks! I will update this post once I have some ready! Thanks! We take krono as well at an exchange of 10USD per KR. All Characters come with 10000 pp and a full suit of high end gear I am the...
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    Items Rizlona Rizlona - PoTime Full Runs, VT Full Runs, & Power Leveling

    Hello! Service and Item prices listed below! Thanks! We clear all Luclin content multiple times per week, Velious is less of a focus but we do sell bulk runs there. I exchange all Krono prices at 12 USD per ! Raid Loots (No Drop) Planes of Power Plane of Time Full Runs PoTime P1-P5 - 45kr...
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    50 Bard [Sold]

    This is a brand new account, activated with krono and I can supply the original email. The bard has all instruments and spells and a full suit of basic gear.
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    WTB 64+ Krono 8$ per (Ragefire)

    Looking to by mass Krono, payment immediate upon receipt via Paypal.
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    Ragefire: Demiplane Raid Loot and below, Flags\Epics, and Plvl!!

    We are a long time fixture on the Ragefire server and have many references from previous customers. We aim to be customer friendly, responsive, and flexible in all of our sales. We are selling anything you want on the Ragefire server essentially, including clears of Demiplane, Anguish, or...
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    WTB Krono

    Buying Krono, stocking up for the year so I'm buying a lot. 10 for 80 dollars is my rate, will buy up to 100 total.