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Recent content by meepmeep

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    Accounts Mischief WTS 47 Druid - Planar geared. 205 unbuffed WIS all purchased spells $250 --- Reduced price

    Purchased account from original creator, had unfortunate RL circumstances happen so need to sell. Added full gear (mostly vermic / weathered) minus neck/hands. Sitting at 205 wisdom unbuffed. All purchased spells. Has never been a CC on account (only krono). Secret question/answer has been...
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    WTB Mischief WTB 50 Druid

    Must be clean account, 50 druid, Mischief server. PM me.
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    WTS Aradune 50 druid $200 ready to raid and Powerlevel! - Priced to sell

    Level 50 Druid - Account has its own Email with password given upon sale - Clean record with no strikes/reports against the account - 1800+ DBG cash and play time remaining (1 month) Character info: - Geared and ready to go (some withered, mistletoe sickle, charred guardian shield, etc) -...
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    WTB 50 Druid $400

    WTB 50 Druid on Aradune. Must be original owner of account, preferably clean with nothing attached. Must be verified.