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Recent content by Jasynn75

  1. J

    WTB Live (normal server) WTB Lvl 110 toons

    WTB 110+ raid geared toons. Cleric, warrior, dps, or support with max or almost max AA. Must be transferable to other live servers. Not FV
  2. J

    Service Live (normal server) ToV Re Gear - ToV Customs

    Dom did a fantastic job. Dedicated to helping others enjoy the EQ experience. Will do business again!!!
  3. J

    WTB Live (normal server) WTB EoK 2hb Crush or 1h weapons

    WTB Crush or Skyripper and Shark's Tooth Club on Rathe server. Paying cash or Krono
  4. J

    Live (normal server) 105 dwarf Zerker

    105 dwarf zerker full EoK T2 group geared. This is a great account, but no time to play the game anymore with work and school. $250 takes it payable through Paypal FF. Please message if interested.
  5. J

    Live (normal server) WTS CotF random drop weapons

    WTS Secare, Percutio, and Sentio looking for cash or krono....PM if interested.
  6. J

    Live (normal server) WTB Sentio and The Blue Tower paying Krono

    WTB Sentio and The Blue Tower...CoTF rares....paying Krono...will pay for transfer fee. PM me
  7. J

    Live (normal server) WTB Iridescent Coral Trident....will pay for server transfer to drop off

    WTB/WTT for Iridescent Coral Trident....will pay to have it dropped off on my server. Will trade Krono or possibly cash...PM me
  8. J

    Live (normal server) WTB CotF rare drop weapons

    I am looking for CotF rare items. I am looking to buy http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=116323 and http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=116317 If you have these please send me a message. I will pay krono.
  9. J

    Live (normal server) WTS 105 Froglok Paladin

    WTS 105 Froglok Paladin, EoK and TBM group geared. He has TDS raid weapons 2hs, 2hp, and 1hs. Will accept krono or cash offers. Cash to be paid through Paypal Friends and Family. If interested I will show the paladin in game. SOLD
  10. J

    Live (normal server) SoD (Sceptre of Destruction)

    WTS SoD....will take Krono or cash offers...cash to be sent friends or family on Paypal.