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Recent content by allurex

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    ice encrusted summers earing

    have for sale or trade for kronos a summers icy em27 luclin server
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    Looking for AA PL on Live

    I do pl on luclin server 200 aa hr min.. Kronos per k aa
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    111 ranger, sk, bard, or druid on FV or BB

    115 druid 20k aa tov1 gear.. aa mixed of healing dot focus.. $100
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    Powerlevelling 85-115 Tunare

    I can pl u on luclin get u all the t3 gear cant or say wont do trades kills tho...
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    WTB 3 unclaimed heroic accounts -

    I have two with a 108 cleric other is 110 chanter u can delete remake heroic or heroic slot is unlocked on each server.. 30 each
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    Wts 115 druid

    wts 115 druid nothing special 20k aa.s
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    PL on The Rathe

    I pl on luclin
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    cleric account

    I got a 100 cleric I could push out to 110.. if u want
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    110 mage wts paypal or krono

    on this account no used to get soe game cards stoped playing around 2010 and started up recently and has been ftp other then a krono to get the autogrant aa's at 105....
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    WTB Shadowknight 105+

    i can have you a shadow knight ready in 2 days at 106.. conflag gear visables gmm.. non waiting... for 110... $100.00 with gear...
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    auto grant at 105 ranges from 16k to 18k depending on class if this helps any
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    Bertox PL

    try william12 i belive he is on bertox
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    110 toons....

    I have for sale 110 toons 110 beastlord 20kaa. Conflag gmm gear 24/26... 110 mage 18k as conflag.. 110 shaman 21k as conflag + 112 paladin 20k as tov1 gmm.. 26/26 All on live server full transferable Also selling pl services on luclin server as or levels...
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    WTB Powerlevelling on Tunare

    What you pay for pl I could sell you a 110 toon on luclin server
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    2 EQ Accounts, Old Silver Accounts Preferred

    I have a 110 mage account 20+ years silver 24/26 luclin server