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Jun 15, 2020
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Jump in ready to play & raid with these planer geared level 50s! Some of them have full sets of planes t1 visible armor, some less. But they are all geared up and ready to go. These were NOT afk PL'ed characters, they leveled up by hand and kept all the loot they found along the way!
They should have all their vender spells up to 50, but may need a few crafted spells.

Mouse over the gear links for previews!

Level 50 Dark Elf Warrior: Short Sword of the Ykesha x2, Indicolite Breastplate, Indicolite Boots, Indicolite Bracer, Small Bronze Bracers, Indicolite Gauntlets, Indicolite Greaves, Indicolite Helm, Indicolite Vambraces, Platinum Fire Wedding Ring x2, Adamantite Epaulets, Small Splinted Bronze Cloak, Small Ringmail Neckguard, Small Iron Mask $300

Level 50 Human Monk: Wu's Fighting Cap, Wu's Fighting Cloak, Wu's Fighting Collar, Wu's Fighting Gauntlets, Wu's Fighting Mantle, Wu's Fighting Mask, Wu's Fighting Pantaloons, Wu's Fighting Shirt, Wu's Fighting Sleeves, Wu's Fighting Wristbands x 2, Flowing Black Silk Sash (HASTE), Shiverback-Hide Boots, Platinum Fire Wedding Ring x2 $260
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