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Items Live (normal server) WTS TOV RARE include Knights 1hb:Ice Encrusted War Hammer; Rog Rare Weapon:MonkBST 1hb 18 delay ; Caster Shield ;EOK RARE Tank Shield


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Jul 22, 2015
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Ice Encrusted War Hammer -- 180USD (Pla and SK 1hb)
Ice Encrusted Injection Dagger --150USD rog weapon
Ice Encrusted Battle Rod -- 120USD(Monk Bst 1hb,18 delay)
Ice Encrusted Club -- 100USD
Ice Encrusted Battle Rod -- 90USD
Ice encrusted buckler -- 90USD
Ice Encrusted Mace -- 90USD
Ice Encrusted Hammer -- 90USD


Ice Encrusted Sword -- 90USD
Ice Encrusted Charm of Vigor -- 60USD

EOK RARE: tank shiled:
Skyiron Kite -- 50USD
Server (EQ)
Cazic-Thule, Erollisi Marr
Refund Policy
no refund


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Aug 16, 2017
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I will buy the savvy ice encrusted belt . and ice encrusted idol of brilliance .' will u go to Povar sever ? i have paypal let me know if thaey are still available