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Items Thornblade WTS - Thornblade - Raid Items - Updated 7/24 - Thornblade - (2 Viewers)


Apr 4, 2016
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Buyer Requirements
📌 No brand new accounts with no feedback/ no premium / no verified
Selling a large variety of raid items on Thornblade. Feel free to message me with any questions.

Leaving out prices because they change too often and I really do not feel like updating prices every day. We can discuss prices. Do not be shy about reaching out if there is something you are interested in. I am pretty easy to deal with and the worst case is that we don't come to an agreement. No hard feelings :)

I will try to group them together by caster/priest/weapons/quest etc.

All of the items listed below can be TRADED unless otherwise specified

Grey Suede Boots
Robe of the Azure Sky
Shroud of Veeshan
Sword of Rile
Feverblade - Bane of the Shissar (The DoT damage starts from 1 damage, not 100+ damage like the description makes it sound)

Shield of the White Dragon
Shield of the Red Dragon

Robe of Burning Rage

Shissar Focus Staff
Sarnak Summoners Staff
Dragon Spine Staff
Shissar Protection Staff
Sprinkler of Suffering

Spear of Constriction

Howling Cutlass
The Scimitar of Lifestealing

Malevolent Runeblade

Selo`s Drums of the March

Green Dragon Scales
Red Dragon Scales
White Dragon Scales

Trakanon's Tooth
Undead Dragongut Strings (This item is NO TRADE and must be Multiquested. You must be at the step where the item is required)
Gnarled Staff (This item is NO TRADE and must be Multiquested. You must be at the step where the item is required)

Divine Intervention

Thanks for taking a look!

Refund Policy
🛎️ no refunds after payment has been received and item delivered. Unless there is an error on my part or I may make exceptions but have no obligation once the transaction is complete.
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