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WTS Powerleveling 1-25 on Mangler ($40 for a Level 25 Character of your choosing!) (1 Viewer)

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Sep 27, 2016
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Selling AE Powerleveling from 1-25 on Mangler. Doing this daily, starting around 9am EDT until about 5pm EDT depending on the day / demand (1-25 does not take the 8 hours, these are just my typical PL'ing hours).

Getting a level 25 character is the perfect opportunity for you to skip the awful beginning levels and get right into grouping! And if after 8 levels of grouping you decide you want to get PL'ed to raiding level, there are many great PL services here that I can recommend to get you to 50!

The rates are as follow:
Level 1-20 - 3kr ($30)
Level 1-25 - 4kr ($40)

Shoot me a message for anything in between and we can work something out. Have the ability to login to an account provided by you (with All Day Access) or you can login and AFK (may need to move for camps). Payment due through PayPal friends & family or in-game with krono.
Refund Policy
Full/Partial refunds available if service is not completed
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