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Plat Project 1999 (Green) WTS P99 Green Plat CHEAPEST PRICES (1 Viewer)


Jan 5, 2017
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Cost per amount?
💰 $2.50 per 100
Buyer Requirements
📌 Must be verified
Selling GREEN Plat to VERIFIED ONLY Members.

All transactions are discrete, hence no feedback with timestamp with users I've worked with in the past. GMs can use this for their information in their logs when they see oh this guy on this date traded this person which matches the Ectunnel timestamp. None of that here.

Millions of plat sold on blue with 0 negative feedback and none of my accounts banned. Account made and verified back in 2017. I take a lot of steps to stay anonymous, so you can keep your plat.

$20 per 1000.

Message me now to get started!
Refund Policy
🛎️ None.
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May 21, 2015
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come on brother please be there gonna log soon. I hate this delay feel free to text me 9852129340. how do you prefer payment?

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