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Accounts Firiona Vie WTS or Trade 115 Berzerker - Max AA, Raid Gear, Tons of Progression, CoV Pre-Order, and Ornaments (FV) (1 Viewer)


Mar 12, 2018
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Yes, I'm the original creator.
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Just me!
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๐Ÿ“ž No, there is no phone number linked to the account.
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๐Ÿ’ณ Yes, and I will provide the original card information (last 4 / billing address).
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I am looking to sell or trade this account. $300/30 krono. Accepting trades for a similarly progressed enchanter account (any server)

What it has
- New CoV expansion is already pre-ordered
- Full set of raid visibles (Ice Woven)
- Raid 2hb
- Raid belt
- Ornaments enabled
- large bags in inventory
- VP Key
- Jann's Veil
- Emperor Ganak's Familiar
- Max AA and full Exp

- Hero's Fortitude and Vitality: 55/70
- Hero's Resolution: 33/35
- All missions completed from CoTF, TDS, TBM, EoK, RoS, TBL, and ToV
- 90% or more complete with Mercenary and Partisan in the same expansions (ToV, TBL, CoTF, TBM, are complete, TDS 99% done, RoS needs VP merc/partisan)
- Challenger 90%+ complete in the same expansions
- Hunter is complete for ToV and TBL. RoS and EoK Hunter is about 75%+ completed
- This toon has never raided so there are no Conquer/Vanquisher achievement

Reply or PM if you have any questions!
Refund Policy
๐Ÿ›Ž๏ธ Refund available within 5 days of purchase. Security Q&A must not have been set.


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