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Service Oakwynd WTS Oakwynd Full Dropped/Researched Spell Sets NEC WIZ MAG ENC CLR DRU SHM ** LUCLIN SPELLS AVAIL! ** (ONLINE 11/29) (1 Viewer)


Feb 20, 2013
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Confused by what is in the Bazaar?? A lot of sellers are buying spells off of vendors and stocking them in the Bazaar for high prices, making it very difficult to see what you truly need to buy there for your sets.

I can help! Complete lists available - DM me! :)

Remove Greater Curse
Remove Curse

Speed of the Brood ENC
Koadics Endless Intellect ENC
Blessing of Aegolism CLR
Garrison's Superior Sunder WIZ
Funeral Pyre of Kelador NEC
Transon's Elemental Renewal MAG
Marzin's Mark CLR
Greater Familiar WIZ
Blessed Armor of the Risen CLR

and much more!!


Stun Command 55 Cleric
Occlusion of Sound 55 Bard
Form of the Great Bear 55 Shaman
Nature Walkers Behest 55 Druid
Gift of Insight 55 Enchanter
Wrath of the Elements 55 Magician
Burnout IV 55 Magician
Conglaciation of Bone 55 Necromancer
Augmentation of Death 55 Necromancer
Wave of Healing 55 Paladin
Call of Fire 55 Ranger
Shroud of Death 55 Shadow Knight

Aegolism 60 Cleric
Arch Lich 60 Necromancer
Call of the Predator 60 Ranger
Composition of Ervaj 60 Bard
Death Peace 60 Shadow Knight
Divine Strength 60 Paladin
Focus of Spirit 60 Shaman
Gift of Brilliance 60 Enchanter
Ice Spear of Solist 60 Wizard
Monster Summoning III 60 Magician
Primal Avatar 60 Shaman NO DROP
Protection of the Glades 60 Druid

Improved Superior Camoflage
Imp Invis
Imp Invis vs. Undead also available

Kunark sets now available for all classes!! Inquire for pricing or for single spell availability.
IN STOCK KUNARK 60s - All common spells as well as the following LIMITED AVAIL:




Death Pact 51
Sunskin 51
Wake of Tranquility 51
Upheaval 52
Word of Vigor 52
Heroic Bond 52
Yaulp IV 53
Unswerving Hammer 54
Reckoning 54
Fortitude 55
Exile Undead 55
Mark of Karn 56
Paralyzing Earth 56
Trepidation 56ish
Word of Restoration 57
Aegis 57
Naltron's Mark 58
Enforced Reverence 58
The Unspoken Word 59
Divine Intervention 60
Banishment of Shadows 60
Word of Redemption 60

Upheaval 48
Circle of Winter 51
Spirit of Scale 52
Circle of Summer 52
Call of Karana 52
Glamour of Tunare 53
Egress 53
Blizzard 54
Form of the Howler 54
Tunare's Request 55
Frost 55
Girdle of Karana 55
Breath of Karana 56
Wake of Karana 56
Bonds of Tunare 57
Succor 57
REgrowth of the Grove 58
Fist of Karana 58
Legacy of Thorn 59
Spirit of Oak 59
Banishment 60
Entrapping Roots 60
Mask of the Hunter 60

Talisman of Jasinth 50
Insidious Decay 52
Cripple 53
Talisman of Shadoo 53
Cannibalize III 54
Shroud of the Spirits 54
Torrent of Poison 55
Spirit of the Howler 55
Paralyzing Earth 56
Acumen 56
Bane of Nife 56
Paralyzing Earth 56
Talisman of the Brute 57
Talisman of the Cat 57
Talisman of the Serpent 58
Talisman of the Rhino 58
Tigir's Insects 58
Voice of the Berserker 59
Pox of Bertoxxulous 59
Talisman of the Raptor 59
Avatar 60
Torpor 60
Malo 60

Sacrifice 51
Splurt 51
Defoliation 52
Scent of Terris 52
Convergence 53
Minion of Shadows 53
Shadowbond 54
Thrall of Bones 54
Conglaciation of Bone 55r
Chill Bones 55
Infusion 55
Levant 55
Demi Lich 56
Trepidation 56
Sedulous Subversion 56
Servant of Bones 56
Conjure Corpse 57
Quivering Veil of Xarn 58
Emissary of Thule 59
Devouring Darkness 59
Enslave Death 60
Banishment of Shadows 60
Gangrenous Touch of Zum`uul 60
Trucidation 60

Atol`s Spectral Shackles 51
Pillar of Frost 51
Tishan`s Discord 51
Abscond 52
Tears of Druzzil 52
Inferno of Al`Kabor 53
Thunderbolt 54
Pillar of Lightning 54
Draught of Jiva 55
Plainsight 55
Tears of Solusek 55
Markar`s Discord 56
Retribution of Al`Kabor 56
Evacuate 57
Pillar of Flame 57
Eye of Tallon 57
Manasink 58
Tears of Prexus 58
Vengeance of Al'Kabor 59
Invert Gravity 59
Flaming Sword of Xuzl 59
Disintegrate 60
Lure of Ice 60
Sunstrike 60
Winds of Gelid 60

Scintillation 51
Gift of Xev 51
Bristlebane`s Bundle 52
Vocarate: Fire 52
Boon of Immolation 53
Quiver of Marr 53
Vocarate: Air 53
Bandoleer of Luclin 54
Scars of Sigil 54
Vocarate: Water 54
Pouch of Quellios 55
Call of the Hero 55
Rage of Zomm 55
Dyzil`s Deafening Decoy 56
Summon: Muzzle of Mardu 56
Eye of Tallon 57
Velocity 58
Greater Vocaration: Fire 58
Greater Vocaration: Air 59
Manastorm 59
Aegis of Ro 60
Greater Vocaration: Water 60
Mala 60
Banishment 60

Greater Mass Enchant: Platinum 39
Boon of the Clear Mind 42
Theft of Thought 50
Wake of Tranquility 51
Color Slant 52
Clarity II (2) 52
Recant Magic 53
Cripple 53
Dementia 54
Wind of Tashani 55
Largarn's Lamentation 55
Zumiak's Animation 55
Augment 56
Gift of Pure Thought 56
Torment of Argli 56
Trepidation 56ish
Enlightenment 57
Forlorn Deeds 57
Umbra 57
Bedlam 58
Dementing Visions (included Velious) 58
Asphyxiate 59
Visions of Grandeur 60
Dictate 60
Wind of Tashanian 60

Skip the grind and all of the Trade/Commonlands Tunnel spam and get your boxes' sets delivered right to your parcels for less than a krono!
No more ordering a set and then finding out the seller is missing one, or realizing the guy ripped you off and left out Allure a week after you got your spells!

NEC WIZ MAG ENC sets avail, CLR out of era PBAOE Upheaval also avail. Daybreak fumbles through Research changes on every TLP and struggles to identify/remove Out of Era vendors, but I sell the same sets on every server for convenience. If you want out of era vendor inventory, Erudin illusions, OOT MAG vendor spells or Lesser Faydark Pixie Merchant spells to save yourself a run, we can work that out. :)
Classic spells are extremely difficult to find accurate info on and every server is a little bit different, so if you're wondering where Malignant Dead (Pixie Merchants sell that one) or Summon Dead (Paineel/Oggok/Grobb SK vendors usually) or some other spell is, just ask me!

CLASSIC SETS BELOW $5 EA, 2 FOR $9 - I throw in some bonus Kunark spells with each set :)

Level 16 Mesmerization
Level 19 Berserker Strength
Level 20 Color Shift
Level 22 Strip Enchantment
Level 23 Tepid Deeds
Level 25 Feedback
Level 30 Mana Sieve
Level 31 Radiant Visage
Level 34 Insipid Weakness
Level 36 Mind Wipe (saves you trip to lfay)
Level 36 Gravity Flux (saves you trip to lfay)
Level 41 Shiftless Deeds
Level 42 Pillage Enchantment
Level 43 Color Skew
Level 45 Reoccurring Amnesia
Level 45 Paralyzing Earth
Level 46 Allure
Level 46 Blanket of Forgetfulness
Level 40 something Boon of the Clear Mind BONUS!

Level 15 Voice Graft
Level 15 Banshee Aura
Level 16 Hungry Earth
Level 20 Harmshield
Level 23 Intensify Death
Level 24 Haunting Corpse
Level 26 Renew Bones
Level 29 Vampiric Curse
Level 31 Call of Bones
Level 32 Surge of Enfeeblement
Level 33 Invoke Shadow
Level 39 Malignant Dead (Bonus)
Level 41 Dead Man Floating
Level 44 Cackling Bones
Level 45 Paralyzing Earth
Level 48 Invoke Death
Level 48 Lich
Level 49 Bond of Death

Level 21: Cornucopia! (Bonus)
Level 22 Everfount
Level 22 Summoning: Water
Level 23 Summoning: Fire
Level 24 Summoning: Air
Level 26 Greater Summoning: Water
Level 29 Greater Summoning: Earth
Level 32 Minor Conjuration: Fire
Level 33 Minor Conjuration: Air
Level 36ish Lesser Conjuration: Water (lfay trip saver)
Level 41 Conjuration: Water
Level 43 Conjuration: Air
Level 44 Conjuration: Earth
Level 47 Greater Conjuration: Fire
Level 48 Greater Conjuration: Air
Level 49 Greater Conjuration: Water

Level 14 Project Lightning
Level 15 Pillar of Fire
Level 18 Fire Spiral of Al'Kabor
Level 23 Lightning Storm
Level 24 Column of Lightning
Level 24 Cast Force
Level 26 Energy Storm
Level 28 Shock Spiral of Al'Kabor
Level 30 Thunderclap
Level 31 Circle of Force
Level 32 Lava Storm
Level 36 Gravity Flux (saves you trip to lfay)
Level 45 Supernova
Level 48 Wrath of Al'Kabor
Level 45 Paralyzing Earth
Level 49 Ice Comet
Refund Policy
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Aug 16, 2023
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