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Accounts Rizlona WTS *NEW* Hand Leveled Planes+ Geared Levels 60's On Rizlona! (1 Viewer)


Jun 15, 2020
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I'm selling hand leveled characters on Rizlona! All accounts were created using krono and have NO verified email or security questions set. Once you set your information you will become the original owner.

These are NOT AFK Power-leveled characters. They were leveled by hand, have all their relevant spells (missing some here and there I'm sure) and skills to match, ready to load and play right away! And all the gear they found is yours to keep!

*All have Seb keys*
All Active till 11/4/20

Level 60 Human Cleric:
Ethereal Mist Chestplate , Ethereal Mist Boots , Ethereal Mist Bracers x2, Ethereal Mist Gauntlets , Ethereal Mist Greaves , Ethereal Mist Helm , Ethereal Mist Vambraces , Adamantite Epaulets , Golem Tear Ring , Earring of Purity , Earring of Cleansing (CURE CLICKIES), Cone of the Mystics , Sarnak Battle Shield , Prismatic Shield $130

Level 60 Troll Shaman:

Nathsar Breastplate , Rune Etched Vambraces , Rune Etched Gauntlets , Rune Etched Boots ,Rune Etched Bracer x2, Iksar Hide Cap , Stained Cloth Mask , Earring of Purity (CURE CLICKY), Chokidai Hide Spaulders , Jaundiced Bone Bracer DPS CLICKY, Moonstone Ring , Golem Tear Ring, Cone of the Mystics , Sarnak Battle Shield $130

Level 60 Human Paladin:

Brigandine Tunic , Deepwater Vambraces , Deepwater Helm , Stained Cloth Mask , Slick Leather Courier`s Cape , Chokidai Hide Pauldrons , Girdle of Flayed Iksar , Valorium Greaves , Tribal War Boots ,Jagged Band , Worn Shai`din Naginata , Sword of the Morning , Sarnak Battle Shield ,Tainted Darksteel Breastplate (epic drop) $130

Level 60 Human Ranger:

Brigandine Tunic , Tolan's Darkwood Vambraces , Thorny Vine Boots , Nathsar Gauntlets , Nathsar Leggings , Girdle of Flayed Iksar , Tolan's Darkwood Helm , Ring of Stealthy Travel (INVIS CLICKY), Worn Shai`din Naginata , Fluxbladed Axe , Revultant Whip $120

Any questions let me know!
Refund Policy
No refunds unless not as described.
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