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Accounts Mischief WTS Mischief Geared Level 60s! SK/Cleric/Bard/Enchanter/Monk/Necro/Paladin (1 Viewer)


Jun 15, 2020
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These are NOT Afk power-leveled characters! They were leveled the old fashioned way and have the spells & skills to match! They have most of the useful vender spells, but will likely need a few crafted & dropped spells. They have group gear and all are ready to play!

$240 Each.

Accounts have basic gear, may need some slots & spells.

Active till: 10/4/21
No phone# on accounts.

Level 60 Dark Elf Shadowknight
Level 60 Dark Elf Cleric
Level 60 Erudite Enchanter
Level 60 Human Monk
Level 60 Gnome Necromancer

Active till: 9/26/21
no phone# on account.

Level 60 Enchanter

Active till: 9/26/21
phone# linked to account.

Level 60 Paladin

Needs Activation.
Level 60 Wood Elf Bard: Di'zok Wristsnapper , Etched Steel Baton , Imbrued Platemail Breastplate , Small Bronze Vambraces , Imperial Wardog Collar , Singing Steel Bracer , Runed Mithril Bracer , Small Bronze Gauntlets , Imbrued Platemail Greaves , Imbrued Platemail Boots , Platinum Fire Wedding Ring x2, Small Bronze Pauldron , Hierophant's Cloak , Cape of Midnight Mist , Hammered Golden Hoop , Fingerbone Hoop , Mask of Obtenebration , Kylong War Helm , Has basic instruments and picks
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🛎️ No refunds unless not as described.
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