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Accounts Mangler WTS Mangler Accounts 52 Epic Rogue 52 Cleric 40 Monk 40 Warrior


May 22, 2019
Rating - 100%
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Yes, I'm the original creator.
I will give buyer access to the original email account
No, there is no phone number linked to the account.
Credit Card
No credit card has ever been used on the account.
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No secret question has been set.
Looking to sell multiple accounts I've leveled on Mangler. Each account was started with krono, has no SQA, no credit card, no phone number associated, and has been played clean on VPN. I will turn over the gmail account I created for each account with sale.

52 Male Wood Elf Rogue - $110 SOLD

52 Male High Elf Cleric - $100
Mix of EC gear and planar. Has Thurgadin cleric BP completed as well as arms, bracer, gauntlets, boots, and helm in bag with proper faction (just need gems). Has 2 idols toward Tunare PoG bracer. Casting skills are pretty good, defensive skills need work. 3 xp potions. 12 days of play time left as of September 7.

40 Male Ogre Warrior - $55
Spotty gear, some Kunark weapons. Thurgadin plate gauntlets, helm, boots, legs, and arms on character, no faction work done yet or gems. Silversteel gauntlets from Arena in Kael. Skills need work but serviceable 1HP and 1HS. 3 xp potions. 25 days of play time left as of September 7.

40 Male Iksar Monk - $55 SOLD
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