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Accounts Aradune WTS lvl 60 Druid (Great for powerleveling) (1 Viewer)


Mar 22, 2016
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๐Ÿ“Œ Looking for verified buyers, or those with long term accounts with good feedback. Paypal FnF
Selling a fully geared lvl 60 Halfling Druid. Character has full set of Nathsar, GEB, Oakleaf Scimitar, Pre-nerf DE illusion mask, ES pieces for clicky effects in bags, and other wisdom gear. This character is great for power leveling other chars and even has a fungi tunic and DS potions in bags for doing so. Also on this account is a stripped lvl 58 Magician, and a lvl 43 Shadowknight will full Yellow plate armor. Asking $150 for this account, please message me with any questions about this account.

Inventory Output:
Ear - Forest Loop
Head - Nathsar Helm
Face - Platinum Ruby Veil
Ear - Forest Loop
Neck - Choker of Majdd
Shoulders - Obulus Death Shroud
Arms - Nathsar Vambraces
Back - Molten Cloak
Wrist - Vermiculated Bracelet
Wrist - Nathsar Bracer
Range - Idol of Karana
Hands - Nathsar Gauntlets
Primary - Oakleaf Scimitar
Secondary - Sarnak Battle Shield
Fingers - Golem Tear Ring
Fingers - Di`Zok Begirding
Chest - Nathsar Breastplate
Legs - Nathsar Leggings
Feet - Golden Efreeti Boots
Ammo - Fishing Bait

General 1 - Lettuce 694
General 2 - Water Flask 739
General 3 - White Hand Made Backpack
General 4 - Green Hand Made Backpack
General 4-Slot3 - Kilva's Skin of Flame 2
General 4-Slot4 - Kilva's Skin of Flame 10
General 4-Slot5 - Kilva's Skin of Flame 10
General 4-Slot6 - Kilva's Skin of Flame 10
General 4-Slot7 - Kilva's Skin of Flame 10
General 4-Slot8 - Kilva's Skin of Flame 1
General 4-Slot9 - Kilva's Skin of Flame 10
General 4-Slot10 - Kilva's Skin of Flame 10
General 5 - Black Hand Made Backpack
General 5-Slot2 - Fire Beetle Familiar
General 6 - Orange Hand Made Backpack
General 6-Slot1 - Vermiculated Leggings
General 6-Slot2 - Elder Spiritist's Helm
General 6-Slot3 - Elder Spiritist's Vambraces
General 6-Slot4 - Elder Spiritist's Bracer
General 6-Slot5 - Elder Spiritist's Boots
General 6-Slot6 - Elder Spiritist's Gauntlets
General 6-Slot7 - Guise of the Deceiver
General 6-Slot8 - Supple Scale Armband
General 6-Slot9 - Fungus Covered Scale Tunic
General 6-Slot10 - Crucible of Escape
Refund Policy
๐Ÿ›Ž๏ธ 24 hours
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