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Items Mangler WTS Lord Bergurgle's Crown MQ (Cleric Epic) - 3 KR or $30 - IN STOCK

Discussion in 'EverQuest Items & Misc' started by cloud132, Apr 2, 2019.

  1. cloud132

    cloud132 Active Member
    Verified Premium

    Rating - 100%
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    Sep 27, 2016
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    No refund

    Selling Lord Bergurgle's Crown MQ for 3 krono or $30. Can be done in Classic and shouldn't take longer than 15 minutes.

    This will save you the annoyance of preventing yourself from drowning and farming this awful camp yourself. Will update this thread as stock is updated. Shoot me a message if wanting to reserve one when out of stock.

    Status: IN STOCK
    #1 cloud132, Apr 2, 2019
    Last edited: May 29, 2019
  2. Can13

    Can13 New Member

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    Jul 26, 2016
    I would take one if you happen to get another
  3. Tetris0929

    Tetris0929 New Member

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    Apr 15, 2019
    I'm interested if you still have one in stock, thanks!