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Accounts Aradune WTS Level 50 Wizard - 100% Clean Account - Ready for Kunark! (1 Viewer)


May 7, 2020
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No, I'm not the original creator.
Total Past Users
I will give buyer access to the original email account
No, there is no phone number linked to the account.
Credit Card
No credit card has ever been used on the account.
Secret Question/Answer
Yes, and I can supply the answer.
Buyer Requirements
Prefer that you be Verified with positive feedback, but PM me and we can discuss
Level 50 Gnome Wizard for sale!

I purchased this account mostly for ports and as a raid box. Found out I'm not really into caster DPS - I'm a melee DPS at heart! Don't be nervous about the account having a previous owner:
  • The account was leveled and played - it's not a PL'd account with no skills and no gear
  • A name change was recently made on the account, so you don't have to worry about previous guild affiliations, server reputation, etc.
  • I have access to the original e-mail used to create the account. You will be given the entire e-mail account.
  • The original owner is Verified and has a huge number of positive feedbacks
  • Account was created and maintained with Krono, so no credit card has ever been used on the account
  • No phone number, no authenticator, no other information tied to the account
  • There is a secret question, but I will provide the answer
  • The account is a United States account
  • The account has never been suspended
  • The account is yours to claim - hit the ground running in Kunark

Now on to the good stuff:
  • Has just under 1500 Daybreak Cash on account ($15 value)
  • Will have another 500 Daybreak Cash available in a few days ($5 value)
  • Has 2, 40-slot 100% weight reduction bags ($35 value)
  • J-Boots (2 Krono/$20 MQ value)
  • 75% into level 50
  • Has all vendor bought spells and a couple of researched spells including level 49 Ice Comet
  • Already has level 53 researched spell Inferno of Al'Kabor
  • All spell casting skills are either maxed out or close to it
  • Defense skill maxed
  • Fully keyed for PoSky
  • Has a couple of PoSky quest items in inventory/bank
  • Has the ever important Staff of Temperate Flux
  • Has 6-7 no-drop items for gear including PoSky Helm and Planar Bracers, but otherwise empty slots - very easy and cheap to get equipped with Loam right now
  • 206 INT and 2656 Mana (unbuffed/loam geared)
  • No faction has been ruined on the character
  • If making plat is your thing, you can make 5,000pp a day doing ports - the most I made was 7,000pp on a Saturday
  • Subscription is good until 9 August
I'm just a regular player, not a professional PL'er. I'm willing to provide you my personal cell if you want to text/talk before the purchase. I can even stay on the phone with you to ensure you can log into the account.

$195 payment via PayPal F&F or 20 Krono via parcel in-game (any server) - Will consider reasonable offers!
Refund Policy
Sale is final once account and e-mail information has been sent
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