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Krono WTS Krono $11 ea, Minimum 3, Bulk Pricing $10.50ea to $10.00ea, Paypal FNF ONLY, PM ONLY, 100% Rating (1 Viewer) (1 Viewer)


Of the West
Mar 4, 2018
Rating - 100%
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Cost per amount?
💰 10-11
Buyer Requirements
📌 Ability to read English, follow instruction, and use Paypal Friend and Family.

Current Stock: 11

Krono Pricing:
3-5 $11.00 ea
6-9 $10.50 ea
10+ $10.00 ea

Payment: Paypal Friends and Family ONLY

Delivery: Via Parcel within 5 minutes of verifying payment.


How do I buy Krono?
PM me. In your PM, say how many krono you desire. I will acknowledge your request via a PM reply. You will then send Paypal friends and family to me based on your order. You will then send a PM that you sent funds via Paypal friends and family along with your toons name/server. After I verify a successful transfer of funds, I will parcel your order to your toon on your server within 5 minutes.
How much is it?
See above.
How many do you have in stock?
See above.
Are you online?
See above.
Can I get a refund?
Why aren't you respond to my post reply?
I don't respond to any post reply. PMs only.

Refund Policy 🛎 None.
Refund Policy
🛎️ None.
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