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Service Firiona Vie WTS - Full Collections Packages (1 Viewer)


Feb 5, 2019
Rating - 100%
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Buyer Requirements
📌 Krono or in-game plat/items
What? Collections items
Where? Firiona Vie server
When? Can complete an order today!

Got your TBL shoulders that need to be unlocked? Looking to max your toon with trophies, but dislike sitting for hours in tedium waiting for one collection item to drop? Well, look no further!

EoK/RoS= 3KR
Others? Just ask!

I don’t require feedback from buyers, so (as a precaution) I don’t want to deal with PayPal chargeback issues ==> Therefore, Krono or in-game currency/items only, please!

Pricing reference (12/2020) I value 1KR at 3.4mpp
Refund Policy
🛎️ No refunds once order has been started

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