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Service Mischief WTS Epic Services & More! Now on Mischief! 🐎 (1 Viewer)


Feb 16, 2017
Rating - 99.1%
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Buyer Requirements
📌 Paypal Friends or Krono or Venmo
Hello there adventurer! My name is TwentyTwenty, premium seller of Epic Services now located on the Mischief Server.
A little about me, I am a veteran Everquest Player that thoroughly enjoys the epic adventures Norrath provides us.
Naturally I can understand time constraints and maybe not being able to sink 6 hours or even more at a time but that is where I would love to invest my time to make your Epic adventures complete.

Have you ever wanted to pay someone krono, or paypal friends and a few days later your favorite box or even your main character has their legendary epic 2.0 acquired and is ready for your utilization?
With over 100 Epic 2.0's completed for myself, and for other folks under professional contract I would love to entertain the possibility of completing your epic for you, for a little compensation.
Due to inflation in the Real World our prices have... decreased since the Mangler server! Please PM me for a quote at any time!

Refund Policy
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Random Hero

Oct 13, 2020
Rating - 100%
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twentytwenty completed 3 epics - Ranger, Monk, Rogue - for me this past weekend. Estimated a two week timeline, got all of them done in 4 days. Received daily updates and progress reports. Took care of everything. HIGHLY recommend utilizing this service!!!


Sep 9, 2022
Rating - 100%
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Twentytwenty just knocked out a zerker 2.0 for me in a matter of hours, just contacted him this morning and it's already done. Communication was incredible the whole way through. If you need epic services then look no further!


Caveat Emptor: UNVERIFIED
Oct 26, 2022
Rating - 100%
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I need 2 kills for my 2.0, what would you charge? Water Elemental in Halls of Honor and Fire Elemental in Dreadlands.

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