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Accounts Rizlona Wts epic lvl 60 monk (epic 1.0/ST key/37 AA /fresh krono resub/2500 station cash/34% haste/7 25% xp potions) $130 paypal f/f or 13 kronos (1 Viewer)


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Sep 11, 2016
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Selling lvl 60 epic monk. $130 paypal f/f or 13 kronos

Currently has 37+ aa ( 12 towards combat fury which increases your change of performing a critical melee hit with all skills by 75% ) and 9 towards ambidexterity for increase to successfully duel wield by 32%
WIll resub with a fresh krono after purchase.
Has WW 7ac 30hp/30mana 6 stat/resist dragon neck, 2 resist ears/hat/mask, ST key, epic 1.0, 2500 station cash, 7 25% xp potions
Shroud of the Dar Brood for 34% haste, golden star slippers attack clicky, golden star legs stamina clicky, hp rings or resist rings. Few stacks of heal potions in inventory.
ally COV faction
WTOV arm/hat/boots/pants/bracer made
Guise of the deceiver
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