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Items Rizlona WTS Epic and Sky MQ's //\\ Rizlona* Mnk Epic MQ | Dagas MQ *Trak Guts* (1 Viewer)


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Jan 10, 2015
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Buyer Requirements
No Requirements necessary
The time is here!
I will keep in stock items posted, feel free to put in a request.
I guarantee success on any epic kill for kunark!

Please click any of the text for the link!

If you need a fight done, please ask for a price!
If you need a pick spawned for Angry Goblin - 5kr

Undead Dragongut Strings - 12kr
Green Dragon Scales - 10kr

Amulet of Necropotence - 10kr
Shield of the Immaculate - 12kr

Celestial Fists* - Monk Epic - 15kr
Dagas* - 10kr
Pegasus-Hide Belt - 8kr - SK 41% haste belt

*Dark Cloak of the Sky - 4kr obo - Ranger haste cloak
*Renard's Belt of Quickness - 6kr obo - Rogue 41% Haste Belt

Randoms! Epic Pieces!
Spiroc Wingblade - MQ - 2kr - War Epic piece
Hand of the Maestro - 4kr - War Epic piece
*Cloak of Spiroc Feathers -3kr - Necro Epic piece

Red Dragon Scales - 5kr
White Dragon Scales - 4kr
Selo`s Drums of the March - 4kr
Crown of Elemental Mastery - 3kr
Chromodrac Gut - Bard Epic Piece - 4kr

*Vermilion Sky Ring (shaman FD ring) - 4kr obo

Manisi Herb - Necro Epic Piece - 2kr

Pauldrons of the Blue Sky - 2kr
Ton Po's Eyepatch - 2kr
Crimson Ring of the Djinni - 2kr obo
Amulet of the Sphinx Eye - 3kr
*Arydryidriyorn - 3kr
Earthshaker's Mantle - 2kr
Fairy-Hide Mantle - 2kr
Bracelet of the Spirits - 2kr
Aegis of the Wind - 2kr
Drake-Hide Mask - 2kr
Nature Walker's Mantle - 1kr

*Duennan Shielding Ring (da clicky) - 3kr
Necklace of Whispering Winds - 1kr
Mantle of the Songweaver - 2kr
*Denon's Horn of Disaster - 3kr obo
*Amulet of Planar Transferance - 2kr (no stones needed!)

Band of Wailing Winds - 2kr - Necro insta fear click

If you have any questions please ask.

Refund Policy
No Refund for this offer
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Apr 4, 2016
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Fantastic seller and item obtainer! Because of that, extremely happy to see you aren't selling on the same server as me!

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