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Accounts Live (normal server) WTS Custom Raid Geared Clean Accounts level 120 Available for Pre Order (1 Viewer)


May 17, 2021
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Buyer Requirements
๐Ÿ“Œ Paypal Friends & Family
Every account comes with the following on a toon of your choice on Bristlebane -- 120 -- Max AA -- CoV Raid Gear All Bricks -- Jann's Veil -- ToV Paragon -- CoV Paragon (Icebound Ulthork) -- ToV/CoV Crafted augs done aswell as any drops acquired during Missions/Grinding -- 1 Krono on each account

All accounts are posted ready in group gear / max aa. Allow for two weeks after purchase to swap everything to raid gear.

If you want anything else added on click

Payment through Paypal Friend & Family ONLY , Krono 1 = $10

Thread will be updated regularly, If class says Available for request it is currently out of stock ( check spoiler below for toon in the process of being brought up to par) , PM me for custom toon requests.

In The Works:
Barbarian Zerker
Vah Shir Rogue
Vah Shir Shaman
Vah Shir Zerker
Wood Elf Bard
High Elf Pally
High Elf Cleric
High Elf Enchanter
Iksar SK
Dark Elf Necro
Gnome Mage
Drakkin Wizard


Warrior : $1800 <Available for Request>
Paladin : $1800<Available for Request>
Shadow Knight : $1800<Available for Request>
Shaman : $1700<Available for Request>
Cleric : $1700<Available for Request>
Druid : $1400<Available for Request>


Enchanter : $1600<Available for Request>
Wizard : $1600<Available for Request>
Necromancer : $1400<Available for Request>
Magician : $1600<Available for Request>
Monk : $1600<Available for Request>
Ranger : $1400<Available for Request>
Rogue : $1700<Available for Request>
Bard : $ 1600<Available for Request>
Beastlord : $1600<Available for Request>
Berserker : $1700<Available for Request>

Refund Policy
๐Ÿ›Ž๏ธ None after account is sold, If banned and proven to be of the sellers fault, New toon will be remade at no expense to buyer at specifications originally agreed on.
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