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Accounts Rizlona WTS couple high end toons (WIZ/ROG) - all flags/keys - price reduced (1 Viewer)


Jun 26, 2019
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No, I'm not the original creator.
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📞 No, there is no phone number linked to the account.
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🙊 Yes, and I can supply the answer.
everything is in the tittle.

Wizard Human - 250$ - 22 Kr
9000 HPs / 8700 Mana buffed
Full Elem set (maelin) - Chest from VT but got higher focus gem from ldon than potime robe
rest of gear is mix of PoTime and Elems planes
epic 1.0 in bag - Xegony wand primary - potime shield and range ..
has all main focus - fenin ro and aten ara earrings - FT 21 (cap being 15)
+ Ice meteor spell from ldon
+40% DMG fire (from ldon raid gem)
+15% Evocation rare ldon gem
+30% DMG magic
+30% DMG Ice
2000+ DBG pts and couple xp pot in bags.
280 AAs + 110 AA banked
Flagged to all zones in current content (classic to POP) + all keys in bags
Account also has a Monk 60 on it

Rogue Wood Elf - 220$ -- 20kr
9400 HP raid buffed , +250 worn ATK (capped)
Full elem set (bidis-'s) - seru legs
weapons: potime dagger of distraction - feninro dagger
+20 Backstab
+ Faded gloves of the shadow ( rare poison clicky gloves from ldon raid)
41% haste
epic 1.0 in bags
2 40 slots bags
350 AAs + 100 banked
2000+ DBG points / couple xp pots in bags
Flagged to all zones in current content + all keys in bags (classic to POP)
illusions masks : dwarf from ST / vahsiir from ssra / barbarian from AoW

can take kronos instead of $$
Refund Policy
🛎️ none after transaction
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