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Accounts Firiona Vie WTS Badass 6 Box Crew on FV (War,BST,BARD,BER,BER,CLR) (1 Viewer)


Aug 13, 2020
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Warrior Account:

Warrior LVL: 115

AA: Maxed out

HP/AC Buffed with this Grp 462479/10881 over 500K with AA and Shelf buffs

GEAR: Full TOV RAID 11x T2 (1x Ear,Helm,Neck,Charm,Range,Shield,Legs,Arms,BP) + T2 1HS + 2HS Axe. For dual Wield Tier 1 1HS Axe. Rallos Zek Earring full elvolved (Grp) plus Raid 18/19 Augs and Artisan Prize. Full Set COV Type 5 Augs (mix of Dex and AGI) Full Set of High End Type 8 AC Augs. He has all TBL Chase Loot drops but not lvled missing the Archievment. Restless Ice Plate Ornament on most slots.

Progression: EOK Progression done + Paragon, ROS Progression done + Scaled Key Quest (VP Key) missing Talendor Mission for Paragon, TBL Progression done + Paragon (Jann´s Veil), TOV everything done (Groupe Content), COV haven’t played mutch so just Zlandikar and The Call done + first CS Partisan Quest.

Some Clickies: Shrink Ring, Blood Trinkes Coating, Drunkard Stein (POK Port), Huntman´s Ethereal Quiver, Fisherman´s Companion (Summon Brells Fishing Pole).

Tradeskills: He got all Trophy´s 4/8 maxed out.

Brew: Trophy 6/7 Skill 307

Baking: Trophy 6/7 Skill 303

Black Smith: Trophy 7/7 Skill 330

Fletching: Trophy 7/7 Skill 350

Fishing: Skill 250

Jewelcraft: Trophy 7/7 Skill 350

Pottery: Trophy 6/7 Skill 314

Research: Trophy 6/7 Skill 314

Tailoring: Trophy 7/7 Skill 312

Other Stuff: over 120 mil Plat + 1 Krono + 4 Trader full of Stuff to sell. All Account´s have Claws of Veeshan and are payed till 07/21.
Around 30 Extraplanar Satchels with TS Mats. 13 Crystallized Restless Ore to Gear up.

Other Accounts: BST TOV T2 Raid 2Hander and 2x 1Hander, EE28 Item, Raid Hands and Wirst for Spellfocus/ BER,BER wear TOV T2 Raid Weapon + TBL T1 or T2/TOV T1 Raid Arm/Legs, Bard Visible = Raid TBL T1/T2 and TOV T1, Weapon TOV Raid T2+T1, Cleric has TOV T1 Neck COV T2 Vis, rest COV T3.

The rest of the Gear from all Chars is COV T3.. maby one or 2 Slots are still TOV T3 or COV T2. All have Jann´s Vail and TOV Mount. All missing the Scanvenger in TOV but rest is done so far. 2 have VP Key (Bard, Bst ) and the other have 2-3 Peaces for VP Key. All Chars have all Spells/Abilities think all RK2 from EOK up.


War Account = 115 SK / 40K AA / Gear is mix of TOV T2,TBL T3,TOV T3 some Augs Type 8/5

BST Account = 115 Druid (Port Bitch) almost no gear/ 115 Bard (close to max aa)/ 110 Wiz (Trader)

Ber1 Account =115 Rogue all usefull AA done, naked/ 115 Mage TOV T3 +EE28 Ear + Tov T1 Helm/Arms all useful AA done/ 85 Druid (Forage Bitch).

Ber2 Account = 115 Pal naked and not mutch AA/ 115 Mage Useful AA done Gear Mix of everything

Cleric Account = 115 Wiz (TS Mule) all Bankslot filled with extraplanar full of TS Stuff Gear TOV T3 AA I don’t know/ 115 Shm TOV T3/T2 and other Stuff nothing spezial got some AA for Healing.

Bard Account = 115 Shm good AA DPS and Heal TOV T3 Gear/ 115 Enchanter good AA TOV T3 Gear all Enchanting Spells (Mass Enchant) / 115 Ranger good AA TOV T3 Gear

Also on every Account is a 115 Toon on Bertox Server (SK,ENC,Ranger,Bst,Mage,Cler) Think most is TOV T1+TBL GM non Vis + some Augs Typ5/8

PM me and we can set up a Deal.
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