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Accounts Agnarr WTS Agnarr 65 SK/65 Druid - prices reduced! (1 Viewer)


May 24, 2015
Rating - 100%
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No, I'm not the original creator.
Total Past Users
I'm not sure
I cannot supply the original email address.
No, there is no phone number linked to the account.
Credit Card
Yes, but I can't tell you the original card information.
Secret Question/Answer
Yes, and I can supply the answer.
Buyer Requirements
Will only sell to verified users with good feedback.
Will only accept PayPal, Friends & Family

65 Druid - acct not active
120+ AA's
Elemental gear with some time gear (PoT orb of clinging death)

UK-based account, best to never use a US credit card, would be a red flag to Darkpaw.

SQA set, will provide



65 SK - acct active - 30 days remaining as of 7/17
~150 AA's

Ear 1 - Hoop of the Enlightened
Ear 2 - Fang of Flame
Face - Great Mask of Flame
Head - Helm of Flowing Time
Other visible's - elemental set
Belt - Girdle of Restoration
Neck - Smooth Onyx Torque
Back - Cloak of Ferocity
Shoulder - Sharkbone Plated Shoulderpads
Charm - PoP charm (maxed for SK - all PoP keys)
(has ldon aug, but haven't done any progression there really at all - no stats)
Ring 1 - Ring of Force
Ring 2 - Ring of Algae
2h weapons - Greatblade of Chaos, Vanazir, Sword of Ssraeshza
Sword and board - Gem Encrusted Axe, Knight's Gleaming Mace, Large Chunk of Ent Bark
Range - Serrated Dart of Energy

Clickies - Circlet of Shadow, Guide of the Deceiver, Breastplate of the Void, Shai'din Revenant Bauble

Key Chain -
Trakanon Idol
Ring of the Shissar
Key to the lower depths of Lxanvom
Talisman of Thunderous Foyer
Passkey of the Twelve
A Stone Key

SQA set, will provide
Have last 4 of Credit card used, no address


61 Warrior
20ish AA's - may have more, can't recall
Random raid gear from velious and baz gear - any missing may be on the ranger
47ish Ranger
May have some twink gear, might have been moved. Lowered price to next to nothing cus it's not impossible I moved everything worth a damn from him while drunk

SQA set, will provide
Have last 4 of Credit card used, no address



65 Wiz - acct not active
Time/Elemental gear
Maxed AA's
Stat mount
PoP charm almost maxed
Lower level necro, can't even recall where I got with him.
(stat mount might be on him, it's heirloom)

SQA set, will provide
Have last 4 of Credit card used, no address


Refund Policy
None necessary
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