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Service Firiona Vie WTS AFK Powerlevel 85-115 and AAs|Firiona Vie Only|Always Online|Quality Feedback⚡Guaranteed Fast Reply!


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Dec 30, 2018
Rating - 100%
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Welcome to My EverQuest Powerlevel Offer
Free to Play characters can join - ROS level 110 is free for all now

Feel free to shoot me a message or reply to this thread. I'll reply under 10 minutes guaranteed!
Top-notch secure & trusted trading practices 24/7. I reply with EC Tunnel's message system.
I'm ready for large or small scale orders. Build trust option by purchasing a little at a time.

1 Simple StepGrants
  1. Pay through PayPal friends and family request and confirmation.
    • I also accept Kronos, Plat, gear, and trades
    • Whoever has less feedback goes first.
    • Fair and reasonable price.
    • Possible price match.
High-speed, confidential, and anonymous Powerleveling
Any Level 85 to 115 PL and/or AAs

New to EC Tunnel, EQ, or just need help? I will gladly help you through the process.

Guaranteed Fast Reply Time⚡I will reply within 10 minutes to your PM guaranteed or I'll send you free F.V. plat with your order automatically. Just mention the title of this post in your message and please refresh the page periodically to check for my replies.

That's not all! You can always expect the utmost respect and high-quality customer service from me at an express speed or your money back!

Selling plat $3.50 per mil on Firiona Vie too.You can find a complete list of all my threads on my EC Tunnel profile.
Start a Conversation
Server (EQ)
Firiona Vie
Refund Policy
Yes, free refunds before starting in game.
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Jan 9, 2020
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Send me a pm with rates please.


Mar 28, 2016
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Can i get some details about your powerleveling? Is it just one character or can you level a few/group at a time?