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Accounts Aradune WTS 60 shaman 60 cleric 60 mage 30 wizard all on same account aradune 320$ (1 Viewer)


Mar 30, 2019
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Yes, I'm the original creator.
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Just me!
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60 Shaman

156 aa spent 7 unspent
FT 4/15

Cursed Halo of thought
Mask of pulchritude
earring of the solstice
first brood talisman
shroud of the dar brood
mantle of distraction
tribal bracelet of unity
boots of stability
runed etched gauntlets
greaves of obscurity
heavy dragonhorn bracers
girdle of magnificence
runed etched vambraces
chestplate of vindication
blue diamond electrum earring
ring of lunacy
ruby ring of the darkglow
Aleje's ceremonial cudgel
shield of the wurms
attuned spire of shard
amulet of the pure heart
talisman of benevolence
supple scale armband

brown rope bridal

treasure hunters satchel
kavruuls mystic pouch

unadorned chain gauntlets
unadorned chain sleeves
unadorned chain bracer
unadorned chain boots
unadorned chain tunic

platinum symbol

ornate sea shell / damaged goblin crown (2 cleric epic MQ pieces from burgurgle)

60 Cleric

92 aa spent 3 aa unspent
ST key
FT 10 + 1 overcap from (bile coated codex)

earring of the solstice
sage headdress of conciousness
wito xi tetoracu
BD earring
choker of the wretched
shroud of the dar brood
adamantite epaulets
runed mithril bracer
boots of stability
geomantic fingers of focus
ethereal mist greaves
polished bone bracelet
girdle of flayed iksar
hollowed bone bracers
bile stained robes
bile coated codex
sharkbone warhammer
brown rope bridle
akkirus' chestplate of the risen

60 Magician

0 aa
237 int
coth bot

30 wizard

186 int
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๐Ÿ›Ž๏ธ no refund

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