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Accounts Rizlona WTS 60 Raid Team - Bard , Cleric , Monk , Shadowknight , Druid , Ranger , Wizard , Magician / Mage - KR ONLY (1 Viewer)


May 31, 2017
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Selling my raid team on Rizlona. I have several accounts available. Message with any account related questions and I will be glad to share more details.

10% discount on multiple character order. Absolutely no haggle messages. Price assessment made daily, my lowest prices are always listed.

All accounts are USA registered and will be freshly activated VIA KRONO if down at time of purchase.

Level 60 with previous owner

1 - Female Wood Elf Druid
9 AA spent in MGB
Woven Grass Chest, Legs , Bracer , Gloves(Skyshrine quest armor set) + bazaar gear.
300 Fletching + tons of mats to make Blessed Faydark Thunderbolts. 100+ in several other tradeskills.
40 slot bag
1150 GB cash banked toward name change.
First and last name are blank on account. SQ&A set. no CC 13KR.

2 - Epic Iksar Monks. (One male, One Female).
Black panther skin armor.
34% haste items.
21 AA. Each have AA spent in Ambidexterity and Crits.
First and last name blank. NO CC

1 - Dark elf Shadow knight
42 AA with defensive AAs maxed.
Crown of kromzek kings, velium encrusted guantlets, Breastplate of Eradication, Belt of the destroyer, Mask Ring and Bracelete of the sky, Blood Lords armor fill ins and Trident of the deep sea (cold slow proc)
Pre nerf Circlet, lev earring click
great rampage tank.
no CC / First and last name blank. SQ&A Set
Emp key progresssion: Pouch, Idol
VT progression: Orb, Deep shard
ST keyed(double checked to make sure:))16KR
(65 epic ranger on Mangler)

Level 60 Clean original owner accounts :

1 Dark Elf Male Wizard , mostly bazaar gear , no aa. Fresh 30 days game time added via krono on purchase 6KR

1 - Necros all have demi lich skullcap, mixed match bazaar gear- $80 ea

4 - Human /Tunare Rangers
blessed faydark thunderbolt
max dex with buffs. + Eagle eye spell for max bow accuracy
34% haste item and all bow AA + crits
10KR each(two females, three males) all Clean no info entered or CC

9 7 - Clerics. All have thurg click group heal pants and full bazaar quality gear - no AA or epic 8KR ea. all Clean no info entered.

1- Epic Iksar Monk. (Male) ST keyed(double checked to make sure:)).
Wrist Guard of thunder
White lotus armor Skyshrine quest pieces including throwing shurikens clicky, pants(stam click), feet(firefist clicky)
34% haste item Shroud of the dar brood.
Pegasus feather cloak(lev clicky)
22 AA
Clean account with no CC

1- Mage no epic, but has Najena line finshied. Baz geared .
Great CoTH BoT with max aa to decrease cast time on CoTH and summons.
Fresh 30 days game time added via krono on purchase Clean account 7KR

1 - Bard. nearly finished with epic , just needs Trak guts and kedge backbone,
Vindi BP, Helm, arm, legs, gloves of twilight(Skyshrine quest) , Cloak of falling stars. shrink wand.
41 aa .
picklock, disarm traps READY.
1500 SC for name change. Clean account , no CC
Fresh 30 days game time added via krono on purchase


1 - Bard Bazaar geared. Lute of howler, Selos drum. basic bazaar gear, 30+ aa spent on instrument/singing mastery. 9KR

1 - Bard Bazaar geared mostly. Lute of howler, Selos drum. 30+ aa spent on instrument/singing mastery. ++ Siren Song Dagger. (amazing proc for melee dps) 10KR

Send PM for more info and ill gladly share specifics on each account

level 40 clean accounts
5x Clean starter Human/Tunare Rangers accounts all level 40.
No gear/skill/spell work. $25 bucks Ea. Will use one krono to activate fresh upon purchase.


2 Cleric SOLD
2 Bard SOLD
3 Necro SOLD
4 Epic monk SOLD
3 Male Ranger SOLD
1 Warrior SOLD
2 Enchanter SOLD
1 Epic cleric SOLD
1 Pally SOLD
Refund Policy
๐Ÿ›Ž๏ธ no refunds on blank accounts
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Jun 29, 2019
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FYI Negative review left. Make sure you check with original poster if accounts are as advertised as the one I bought was not. Still a great price, just salty the ST keyed monk was not keyed.


May 31, 2017
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Above you will notice i have added a few smiley faces for decoration and affirmation that my listings are accurate once again. During my consolidation of accounts I made a boopsy. I did offer a refund and always honor that option when i make a mistake.


Jun 29, 2019
Rating - 97.4%
38   1   0
I've since deleted negative feedback. Rickters a standup guy and did offer full refund. Slept on it, still super happy with the price. Thanks again Rickter.

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