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Accounts Mischief WTS 60 Epic/Geared Bard + 60 Epic/Geared Necro (Same Account) - Price Dropped Again! (1 Viewer)


Jul 18, 2020
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Half Elf, Gnome
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No, I'm not the original creator.
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๐Ÿ’ณ Yes, and I will provide the original card information (last 4 / billing address).
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No longer have time to play EQ, so selling one of my accounts here.

This account has a 60 Half Elf Bard. He has quite a bit of high end gear listed below:
Custom Crown of Kromzek Kings
Flayed Barbarian Hide Mask
Twisted Bone Earring / Pearly Sarnak Bauble
Chestplate of Vindication
Belt of Dwarf Slaying
Spirit Wracked Cord
Troubadour's (Kael) Plate Arms / Gloves / Boots
Onyx Chain Leggings
Strength of the Elements
Hierophant's Cloak
Kar Sapara's Talisman (+6 Tali)
Di'zok Signet of Service / Adamantite Band
Epic (Singing Short Sword)
Drums of the Beast
Vyemms Right Eye
Courier's Potion

Other goodies:
Ancient Prismatic Mace, OT hammer, Iksar/Halfling/Gnome/Obtenebration Masks, Jboots, Various Instruments, pots, etc. (see picture)
2 40 slot bags Kavruul's Mystic Pouch, 1 Rez Token
Seb, HS, CS, VP keyed - Has ST key/tali on him, just haven't turned it in
84% into level


There is also a 60 gnome necro on the account with decent gear:
Demi Lich Skullcap
Tattered Flesh Veil
Twisted Bone Earring / Tijoely's Earring
Celestial Essence Robe
Rotting (SS/CoV) Sleeves, Gloves, Pants, Boots
Grotesque Girdle
Bracelet of Cessation
Bone Bracelet of Condemnation
Furious Shroud of Unlife
White Dragonscale Cloak
Black Sapphire Platinum Necklace
Di'zok Signet of Service / Apprentice Ring
Epic (Scythe of the Shadowed Soul)
Left Eye of Xygoz
Courier's Potion

Other goodies:
Driftwood Treasure Chest, Bag of Sewn EE, Kavruul's Mystical Pouch, Treasure Hunter's Satchel
Tons of necro clickies: Shisshar Deathspeaker Staff, Fungi Staff, CoS, Robe of Adversity, Jboots, OT hammer
His bags are full of Pdots, Coffins & 3 EEs
22% into level
Seb, CS, PoS 8th Keyed


Lastly, there is a level 15 EC mule with bags of random stuff (see picture below).

-17k or so on the account.
-1677 DBC on the account. Buy yourself a name change/race change.
-Has claim reward package that includes: Hero's Forge Unlock, Goblet of Adventure III & Othmir Fez Hat Ornament.
-Game time through 11/16.

Asking $250 Paypal FnF. Let me know if you have any questions or I missed anything.
Refund Policy
๐Ÿ›Ž๏ธ Only if not described.


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