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Accounts Oakwynd WTS 2 Mega accounts (including war epic, PE shield, PD robe etc) (3 Viewers)


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Feb 15, 2017
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I have decided to sell my main accounts on Oakwynd. If you have any specific questions regarding these accounts please PM me. All accounts will come activated with krono, and all have cc/email info that will need to be changed but all information will be given to buyer(s).

Account 1 ($400):

60 Warrior w/Epic 1.0 -- very geared, about 4k hp/410 ac unbuffed also has full set of JC resist gear in inventory including blue diamond bracers. 40 slot bag in inventory and VP keyed
60 Bard -- Has selo's drum and full resist gear on, very raid ready, also has velious overhaste memmed already.
60 Necro -- Group gear/planar gear, great for solo'ing.
50 Monk -- full wu's/fbss and 70k plat on him in CL tunnel right now

this account also has a decked 115 SK on FV server if you wish to play around on there.

Account 2 ($400):

60 Druid w/Epic 1.0 -- PE Shield, PD robe, sky mask etc, very geared druid who also has all JC resist gear and has POTG memmed. VP keyed
60 Shaman -- Fungi and normal group/planar gear, has malo/torpor/avatar and focus of spirit all memmed. (200+ alchemy)
50 Cleric -- full planar gear (including weight of gods and dwarf cloak from inny) and chardok 1hb, just needs fights done for epic (overking/ixiblat/ragefire) everything else is in his bags ready to be completed.

Account 3 ($300): SOLD

60 Monk w/Epic 1.0 -- very geared, raid ready, also has full JC resist gear in bags, brewing at 248 in prep for coldain ring quest line.

Prices are listed, but if you wish to bundle both of the accounts together we can work out a fair deal just PM me. All accounts are activated, and again.. these were my main played accounts, not bots or anything so each char/account has alot more than just the gear I listed.
Refund Policy
🛎️ If accounts aren't adequate you have 1 week to request a refund.


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