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Accounts Mangler WTS 12 Raid Geared Accounts (OOW+ Gear, 2.0s, Keyed to Current, Auras, Cleave/Fero) (1 Viewer)


May 30, 2020
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War, Cleric, Bard, Monk, Druid
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WTS 12 Accounts

I've used these accounts at different times while trueboxing and have kept them all up to current xpac (OOW gear, POR items and partial keying, all Anguish flagged, all DSK flagged, all finished MPG trials for max resists). All level 70.

*All accounts are still active - most have 1-3 months of gameplay time already paid for.
** Willing to accept kr instead of $$

Main Group:

[PRICE DROP] 200 obo - Warrior - Gladiator Plate Geared, 2.0, some POR, 16.2k hp/1208 AC unbuffed, max hero stam/agi, 25+ hero wis/int, 15 hero dex, Cleave and Fero 5, maxed atk, 4x clickies, champ aura, 871 AA, 30 slot backpack, bazu stone, dinner invite, throwback items from previous xpacs (like Seru ear, DE mask, etc)

[PRICE DROP] 200 obo - Monk - Fiercehand OOW Geared, 2.0, Cleave and Fero 5, some POR/DODH gear, Seething Fist of Slaughter offhand, maxed atk, 867 AA, Girpan Hammer of Carnage (2H insane dmg with speed and DF), fist of wu, master aura, etc, max hero agi, 20 hero dex, 25 hero stam, 10 hero wis/int

[SOLD] 200 obo - Berserker - Mixed Gear, 2.0, Fero 6 + Cleave 5, destroyers volley, 665 AA, bloodlust aura, maxed atk

150 obo - Cleric #1 - OOW pieces, 11.7k hp, maxed Mana Regen, 1.0 epic, 11k mana, all spells up to current + aura, fully keyed through DODH, some POR, raid gear from mixed xpacs, 747 AA

[SOLD] 250 obo - Shaman - OOM chest, 2.0, Time's Antithesis (free slow), anguish augs, lingering sloth (+ Rune-Etched Vampire Fang), spirit of panther, imp healing gear, imp damage gear, reduced cast time gear, 702 AA,

[PRICE DROP] 150 obo - Bard #1 - Random Gear across xpacs, 2.0, Mace of Tortured Nightmares offhand, 16 hero stam, aura of muse, illusion dwarf and DE, anguish runes, serpent voice AA, 2.0, Sorrowmourn Stone, signet of the armsman (+50 atk aug), some POP ele gear, Glyphed Greaves of Conflict, Frosted Cuirass of Enlightenment, Abalone Engraved Tribal Mask, Amulet of Crystal Dreams, Fero 2, Dwarf Mask. About 11k hp and 691 AC. 20 Mana Regen and +185atk

2nd Group:

[SOLD] 75 obo - Mage - Max Mana Regen, Drape of Merciless Slaver, Minion of Eternity, epic 1.0, increase magic and fire ~30%, redux cast time, redux mana cost, OOW spells -------> This one character is not DSK flagged. Missing only Spider Queen, has the Seeing Device <--------

[SOLD] 75 obo - Enchanter - Keyed for everything to DSK, 15 mana regen, OOW spells, POP+ gear

[SOLD] 100 obo Bard #2 - 2.0, Anguish offhand, sorrowmourn stone, serpent voice AA, roughly 100 +atk

100 obo - Druid - 1.0, 20 mana regen (16 used; 4 needs AAs), +20% lvl 70 fire spells, aura of life, OOW spells, imp healing gear, dinner invite, 30 slot bag

[SOLD] 200 obo - Ranger - 2.0, Tunat'Muram's Chainmail of Pain, Legplates of Abhorrent memories, Bladewhisper Chain max atk, OMM offhand, Cleave 5

[SOLD] 100 obo - Cleric #2 - Epic 1.0, 603 AAs, imp healing gear, imp range, redux mana cost gear, aura of pious, all main spells, DSK and Anguish Flagged, 20 mana regen (16 in use; 4 needs AAs)
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