Accounts Live (normal server) WTS 105 TBM Raid SK -- 38 year/14 vet rewards


Aug 6, 2015
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I haven't played this account since TBM, so I'm selling it
24/24 expansions. 38 years on account (previously a guide), 14 years of Veteran Rewards (current max)
Fully transferable with 1942 Station Cash
29 Days of Gold left

105 SK with 23776 AA, 386 Merc AA
172k HP / 5k AC unbuffed with TDS powersource
Full TBM raid gear
300 in all Tradeskills
Solid aug set with quested augs: Relife, Prayer Shawl, BiC, Hero's Calling
Noteable items: Venenium (cure poison), Overflowing Urn of Life, Gnollish totem, Violet Conch of the Tempest (Spinecoat click from TDS), plus many more.
Epic 2.0
Max Tears of Alaris
Several mounts, illusions, and familiars
Erilynne Ornamentation
Weapons: Skinflayer of Boromas / Runed Flesh Shield of Boromas

-- No progression done since TBM
-- No magelo, but I can show in-game
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