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WTB Thornblade WTB Velious Treasures (1 Viewer)


Jun 9, 2021
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Seller Requirements
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Looking for any of the following items:

Flayed Barbarian Hide Mask
Mask of Tinkering
Besmirched Mask of Conception
Staff of the Silent Star

Solist's Earring of Insight
Camii's Bracer of Vigor

Buckler of Insight // Emerald Tear, Poison Symbol, Emerald Symbol, Flame Kissed Symbol
White Dragonscale Boots // King Tormax's Head

Sal`Varae's Robe of Darkness
Ring of Destruction
Brain of Cazic Thule
Akkirus' Mask of Warfare
Crystasia's Crystal Ring
Silver Charm of Tranquility // Ruby Tear, Ruby Symbol, Silver Symbol, White Symbol
Belt of Dwarf Slaying // Dain Frostreaver's Head
Zlandicar's Heart
Massive Heartwood Thorn

Mrylokar’s Dagger of Vengeance

Paying PayPal FnF -- Send me a DM with price
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