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WTB Aradune WTB Geared 60 Wizard (1 Viewer)


Jan 24, 2014
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πŸ“Œ Must have feedback, verified would be appreciated
Hey All,

I have another post up for purchasing an account but I wanted to make a separate post for a Wizard specifically as this has my interest the most. I would love to stay around $150.

I'm looking for fully geared and gear better than typical tunnel gear. If there is a particular item equipped which costs many krono, I would be fine with removing that item to keep costs lower. Planar or better is ideal as this will be my main and only character I play and would like to be up to par for when Luclin hits. Epic is not required, but I would love to find a Wizard with epic progress. Gnarled Staff, Blue Crystal Staff, Golem Sprocket acquired would be perfect.

Spell book and skills up to par is a requirement as I would like to jump into action without worrying about buying spells and casting over and over again sitting in tunnel.

I'm looking to pay via PayPal F&F. Please PM with what you've got and let's see if we can work something out. Thanks!

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