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WTB Aradune WTB: Epic Necro (1 Viewer)


Nov 15, 2016
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As the title states looking for a Necro wtih Epic. Doesn't need to be 60. PM with details.


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Feb 2, 2020
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Friday at 8:18 AM
He has a twisted bone earring, a helot skulls helm, black sapphire necklace, stained cloth mask, bloodstained rainment, azure sleeves, blighted gloves or white satin gloves, cloak of the ice bear (had to give up the spiroc cloak for epic), bracelet of cessation, scupple Armband, blighted robe, golden efreet booted, ring of the apprentice, band of the wailing winds. Has epic and ancient shield of dread.

also has encyclopedia necrotheurgia
Has jboots, the dark elf mask, and some rare weight reduction bags.

the account añso comes with a lvl 46 druid which is fully twinked with PoF Gear, Paw of Opolla and Pearl Kedge Totem.

Also with Dark elf mask and a Fishbone Earring.

i also have a Queynos Strider Mount valued at over 10krono to use in luclin or sell.

And on Mangler, I have another Epicd Necro, A Epicd Ranger and a Monk with Robe of the Lost Circle. All with Jboots and Dark Elf Masks. the ranger and monk also have a pegasus feather cloak.

how much did u want to spend

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