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Accounts Live (normal server) Tov Toons Priced to Move (1 Viewer)


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Jun 2, 2016
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Account 1 -115 Beastlord w ToV Raid EM Ear
Account 2 - 115 Max AA Cleric
Account 3 - 115 beastlord
Account 4 - 115 Mage
Account 5 - 115 Ranger

Account 1 -
115 Beastlord
42304 AA

ToV T2 Visibles
ToV T3 Raid Wrist
TBL Raid Legs
TBL Raid Neck
TBL Raid Face
TBL Raid Ear
ToV Raid Pet Ear EM 28
Ralloz Zek ear step 2
TBL Raid Back
ToV Raid Range
TBL Raid Ring
ToV Tier 3 Raid 2 Hander
TBL Evolving Boots Step 5
Full ToV progression Complete
Jann's Veil
Wishing Lamp
ALL TS at 300 w/ Trophies

Full Augs


Account 2-
115 Cleric
41100 AA
230 Banked

Full ToV T2 Visibles
Full Tov T2/T3 Non Vis

Mostly Augged


Account 3 -
115 Beastlord
38000 AA

Full ToV T2 Visibles
Full Tov T2/T3 Non Vis

Mostly Augged


Account 4 -

115 Mage
21,000 AA

Tov T2/T3 Geared vis and Non Vis


Account 5 -

115 Ranger
24,000 AA

Tov T2/T3 Geared vis and Non Vis
Ice Encrusted Weapons and Bow

Refund Policy
All Sales Final
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