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Feb 11, 2016
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Buyer Requirements
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Salutations adventurers and welcome to my Bazaar!

This will be a living thread, meaning I will continually update it as time goes on to include more items and services. Be sure to check back later as I continue to stock the shelves :).

  • Completely Custom Character(s) - Created to your specifications and delivered expediently and discretely.
  • Full Power-Leveling Service - I log your character(s) in for you and take care of everything. This requires less coordination however requires you to give me access to your account.
  • AFK Power-Leveling Service - You log your character(s) in and simply join my group and start soaking up the Experience. This method requires additional coordination, however offers the most protection for both parties.
If you have any questions related to Power-Leveling, send me a PM and we can go over all of the details to ensure we reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Epic Fights on Demand / Raid as a Service
  • Having trouble getting numbers for that big epic fight?
  • Need someone to run you through a difficult zone?
Send me a message and we can work something out!

Multi-Questing / Epic Drops
  • Spiroc Wingblade (Warrior Epic)
  • Ball of Everliving Golem (Warrior Epic)
  • Torn, Frost-Covered Book (Paladin Epic)
  • Pod of Seawater (Druid Epic)
Refund Policy
🛎️ Sales are final
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