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Accounts Mischief Tbones Tempting Toons - Premade goodies for anyone starting off or expanding (2 Viewers)


Jun 29, 2019
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📌 Paypal FnF but prefer krono - thank you

Starting on a new server is tough. As is starting a new box. I've got toons at various stages of levelling available for cheap; at the bare minimum they can group with you and your friends to finishing levelling if you want, OR can be max level, and just need to be geared / AA'd when you take over the account.

All accounts do not have a SQ/A set, are completely run by Krono, have no reputation with the server, and leveled discreetly. Toons do **not** come with any gear, and are considered your bare bones, naked toon - this is done as everyone has unique plans for their toons that range wildly from "fourth box", to "private box", to "raiding toon", and every flavor in between. The majority of these plans by the end user ( you ) likely do not coincide with any gear that could be on them, so why gear them and charge more? Let's save you some money!

All toons are currently ACTIVE - unless indicated otherwise.

Toons have various "breakpoints", and prices will reflect. I can always level a toon higher, if requested, to "bump up" to the next bracket.

I prefer Krono, so will offer discounts if payment is in Krono.

Level 46 toons - $55 / 4 KR
o All sold currently

Level 63 toons - $75 / 6 KR
o Cleric - Dark Elf Female

Level 70 toons - $125 / 11 KR
o Bard - Woodelf Male
o Beastlord - Vahshir Male
o Berserker - Troll Female
o Mage - Dark Elf Male

*** Shameless self promotion ***
If you need YOUR custom toon level from 1-46, I do have another listing:
Refund Policy
🛎️ none needed
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