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Escrow Sturm Escrow - O Baby - Use it! (1 Viewer)


May 12, 2019
Rating - 100%
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Escrow Fee
💱 5% without Insurance or 10% with Insurance (details Below) - Miniumum Order of $100
Insurance Terms
If you pay 5% - there will be no Insurance

If you pay 10% - Insurance is covered up $100 and 48 hours of Account transfer / info changing. The insurance only covers charge backs or account take backs.
Both Users MUST be verified to get Insurance ! (I do NOT insure transactions that have 1 or 2 parties NOT verified)
If the account is BANNED I am not responsible.
Proof will be needed to claim insurance.
I knew this day would come...
Iv been a loyal member of this board for a while now and I love "most" of the people here. This is a way I can give back.
No, I am not doing this for the small amount I get, mostly doing because I'm bloody tired of seeing people get scammed lately.

You see the policies now lets go into the details shall we?

--- First ---
Add me to the chat log. You can invite me to it so I can read whats up.

--- Second ---
Figure out who is paying me for the service, but note that if 1 or so parties are not verified then the VERIFIED user must pay. (that means if both are not verified you can't use me)
Payment is made Paypal as GOODS AND SERVICE. - Comment in the paypal - For Services Rendered
This is a Business Account I used with funds to back it.
Try and charge it back and well...I have a special set of skills...I will find...

--- Three ---
I deal in Accounts and KR ONLY

DO NOT omg, seriously do NOT send me the money. I don't handle money.
If you are selling an account the account info will come to me. I will then VPN(nord vpn premium) to the location of choice by both parties and access the account to verify it is as said. I also check info on account to make sure it is as listed (example CC attached)
After I verify then payment is paid DIRECTLY to the party. Once I get confirmation and a screen shot that payment is made and you are happy. Then I will release account info.

As always I will do my best to protect account information and know that I will take EVERY step to help protect it from being banned.

Honestly anyone spending over 300 dollars on an account and NOT using Escrow, unless you know the person isn't doing it right. Seriously buyer protection is needed sometimes!

PM me with any questions! I am around most of the days.
Refund Policy
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