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Aug 14, 2021
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This account has as many achievements as I could find the time to finish. This was a good deal of hunters and slayer stuff. It has 29 titles and 20 suffixes (Max faction with iksars, except the necros you'll still need the iksar illusion for them), Max faction with Chardok. Still loved in every basic city with or without illusions depending on if evil or not. Has 2x 7th shawl, one has all mats in the bank for next stage, and one is ready to go for the Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl walk. This can be viewed in the attached screenshot. Has literally every skill to make shawls from scratch.

Skills: 1hb 217/225, 1hp 213/225, 210/225, Abjuration 285/285, Alteration 285/285, Baking 135/200, Bind wound 302/325, Blacksmithing 188/200, Brewing 178/200, Channeling 220/220, Conjuration 285/285, Defense 230/230, Divination 285/285, Dodge 205/205, Evocation 285/285, Feltching 179/200, Jewelry Making 285/300, Offense 140/140, Pottery 150/200, Research 201/300 (told need 200 for some raid stuff later? donno but good pp in baz), Swimming 282/300, Tailoring 190/200, Throwing 235/280, Tinkering 172/300

75 AA's spent, 3 AA's unspent (Purchased best AA's for Raiding with a charmed pet or soloing with a charmed pet)
Combat Agility 1(melee avoidance), Combat Stability 3(higher ac soft cap), First aid 3 (allows bind wound to 100%), Mental clarity 3 (mana regen), Mass group buff 1(obvious), Spellcasting reinforcement 4 (longer duration spells...4hr KEI), Spellcasting Mastery 3 (reduces the cost of spells), Gather Mana 1 (10k mana instant hotkey).

Weapons: Staff of the Serpent, Orb of the Infinite Void, Brain of Cazic-Thule, Grandmaster Jeweler's Eyeglass
Armor: Engineer's Ring, Ring of Di`Zok, White Dragonscale Boots, Bracelet of Beauty, Spirit Wracked Cord, Shroud of Veeshan, Crystalline Torque, Earring of the Solstice, Dragon Scaled Mask this will be replaced when getting shawl 8 with inventory Mask of Pulchritude for that sexy skill mod, Crown of Resilience, Solist's Earring of Insight, Celestial Essence Robe, Armguard of Purity, Belt of Dwarf Slaying, Supple Scale Armband, Tanned Iksar Hide Leggings, Gauntlets of Dragon Slaying
Inventory clickies: Goblin Gazughi Ring, Shissar Focus Staff, Shissar Nullifier Staff, Withered Staff, Black Flower of Functionality, Robe of Smothering, Pre-nerf Fungus Covered Great Staff, Blue Ceramic Band (charm break low threat clicky), Earring of Blazing Energy, Maple Leaf Mask (9hr hp regen stacks with fungi staff, click off the tree form), Rod of Infinite Thought C1 for the newbies, Worker Sledgemallet, Journeyman's Boots
Mount: Restless Ice Wurm Saddle this is a very fast speed mount plus Kala blessing (currently 2nd best in the overall game outside of new shadows of Luclin mounts)
Charm Pet -Neg Saves verse magic gear: Adamantite Band, Rusty Spiked Shoulderpads, Riptide Spear. This is a full -25 Magic (basically gear version of L18 shm/L22 mage Malaise) set on toon and in the shared bank. The spear is lore and not super easy to get just a heads up.
Notable pet weapons: Writ of Di`Zok (rare pet weapon that slows!), Steel Hilted Flint Dagger (big dps dagger), Blood Point (80hp proc, if ever in baz under 200pp buy it this is my favorite solo dagger for without heals amazing on a fast-hitting mob like the velium hunter spider in IC/OC)
Pet haste (Robe for raids, cheap belt for wtvr and better than mage summon mask): Tolapumj's Robe & Shadowy Assassin Sash

4 x 40 slot bags (2 from the aradune release and 2 from the mischief release used a throw away Gift Card to purchase)
10 slot 100% box/bags (Driftwood Treasure chest, Box of Abu-Kar, Grandmaster's Carry-All)
Used another gift card to check out the new perks so currently have 10 bag slots and I purchased 10 of the white 12 slot bags for a bazaar toon (they are in shared bank see SS)

Keyed for all previous era content and has the Scepter of Shadows (Vex Thal Access) completed and in the inventory (the toon has not gone inside raid dungeon yet)

Got a bag full of resist potions, con potions, instant hp and regen hp potions, 2 x bottle of adventure II potions, stack of peridots, gems, and enchanted bars on toon. Tons of tradeskill items for shawl quest, food for cooking, player made fishing lures, research, and talioring mats. All bag slots filled in bank with handmade or alchy bags for max slots and every type of tradeskill container I can use.


If you have any questions feel free to ask. I really hope I've answered any and all questions you could actually have though with this very detailed write up and tons of links haha.

Feel free to PM me an offer. I am respectful and reasonable to all offers and I will always reply with either a Yes and info or a simple No but thank you.

Attached screenshot of inventory before gaining 3 AA's with guild grp before leaving. I can provide a new SS if those are in question in direct msgs

Thank you for your time and for reading my ad. I look forward to speaking with you about your purchase soon.
Refund Policy
🛎️ N/a after you get account information. So please ask any questions. I'll verify anything you'd like with screenshots


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