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Accounts Live (normal server) Several accounts for sale!


Oct 27, 2018
Rating - 100%
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No, I'm not the original creator.
I will tell buyer the original email address
No, there is no phone number linked to the account.
Credit Card
No credit card has ever been used on the account.
Secret Question/Answer
No secret question has been set.
All chacters should have plenty of bags and around 100k plat on them as well as at least 1 cute mount. Message with questions!! all toons are on Vox server

Chrsistmas SALE!

Mage 185
Rogue 100
Ranger 100

110 Mage over 16k AAs 1525 DB cash
1 year vet aa (lod)
gear: T3/T2 TBL EMXXI TBL power sources + bagged conflag set for non all access
augs: all TBL augs

great sky ocean brass palace
great sky ocean contract of war
golden ruby and garnet ring tyrant of fire

hero of doomfire
hero of asianti
hero of mearatas
hero of aalishai

savior of aalishai
7 other conquests

*Planes of Power raids complete

- missing 3 named for hunter of the plane of war
- did lots of faction killing already in plane of war

loads of old raid conqueror missions all over old content finished

a few hunter details:

PoP Hunter - complete
RoS Hunter - 90% complete
icewall keep
the tower of frozen shadow
freeport sewers!
hates fury
cobalt scar
iceclad ocean
the hole
plane of mischief
warslike woods
emerald jungle
grimling forest
acrylia caverns
dawnshroud peaks
the twillight sea
tenebrous mountains
kedge keep
maiden's eye
kael drakkel
qeynos hills
umbrall plains
great divide
the sleeper's tomb
crystal caverns
chardok:the halls of betrayal
the warrens
echo caverns
neterbain lair
marus seru
feerot the dream
House of thule

hundreds more hunter achievements spread out far and wide including lady Vox

240 fnf

110 Rogue 23.5k AAs
gear: all conflag with GMM backstab 12% stun proc repair drill
augs: just a few
TBL: yes

115 fnf

110 Ranger over 20k AAs
gear: all conflag plus a few chase loot items
augs: just a few
TBL: Yes

115 fnf

Christmas SALE!

Mage 185
Rogue 100
Ranger 100
Server (EQ)
Refund Policy
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