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Accounts Firiona Vie Selling my FV Crew (1 Viewer)


Aug 13, 2020
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Yes, I'm the original creator.
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Just me!
📧 I will give buyer access to the original email account
📞 Yes, there is a phone number linked to the account.
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💳 No credit card has ever been used on the account.
Secret Question/Answer
🙊 Yes, and I can supply the answer.
Main Grp: (prefered to sell toghether)
(no Access to original Email)

SK,Brd,Shm,Ber,Ber,Bst all 115 MAX AA it is a real Beast Groupe over 7m DPS in Full Burn and 3-4m sustained DPS

- SK (US Account) full Raid Geared TOV T2 Visible+ COV T2 Non-Vis ~500khp Grp Buffed. + 17 Krono on him
- Other Chars TOV T2 Raid Vis + COV T2 Raid Weapon + important Items Like EE28, Neck (Heal Focus) for Shm etc.
- SK,Ber,Ber,Bst have done Rallo Ear completly evolved (Grp).
- SK,SHM,BRD,1x Ber has done Epic 2.0
- Trade skills 300+ and Trophy´s 6 or 7 on SHD,BST,BER,BER
- SHM has Alchemy 300
- All Chars done EOK,TBL,TOV,COV Paragon (All have done TOV Progression for Mount, Bags and Trophy).
- All Have the Aniversary Quest Reward (Wayfarer Tent, Copper Flecked Gem, Drunkard Stein, Phoenix Feather )
- All Chars Fully Auged Typ7/5

Rest of the Chars:

All Chars should have TBL/TOV/COV Paragon should have Mix of T2/T3 COV Grp Gear, some Augs and RK2 Spells/Abilities.

1x Ber 115 MAX AA : TOV T2 Raid wep rest ist COV T3 Grp Gear
1x Bard 115 MAX AA: Bard 1 Lifetime Abo A huge amount of Bags, nice Illusion and Clickies, all TS300+ All Ts-Trophys maxed, TOV Raid Achievments done (can max. out Rallos Ear) All Paragons done and so on (iam the 2nd owner)

1x Bst 115 MAX AA : COV T3 fully Auged
5x CLR 115 Max AA : all Modern Spells RK2 COV T2/T3 Mixed Grp Gear
1x Dru 115 MAX AA : COV T3 Grp Geared all Spells RK2
1x Enc 115 MAX AA : only one in TOV T3 Grp Gear
4x Mag 115 MAX AA : 2 with EE27 Ear
1x PAL 115 MAX AA : COV T3 Fully Auged (has a Guild Plot and Grand Guildhall with all Traders and Stuff... Guild Bank full of Twink Gear a lot of Ice Encrusted Stuff)
3x ROG 115 MAX AA: ROG 1 Arm,Leg,Prim,Sec TOV T2 Raid, Rog 2 PRIM TOV T2 Raid, all comes Min 15 Typ 7 and full TOV H-Dex Augs
1x SHM 115 MAX AA:
1x SHD 115 MAX AA: COV T3 lots of Augs not
4x War 115 MAX AA: 1x Fully Auged and 5x COV T2 Raid Items + 1 TOV T2 Raid Item, Tear of Alaris ( + 10 Defens Aug ), 10% Doge Aug | 1 Almost Fully Auged War with 6 TOV T2 Raid Items | 1x COV T3 + some Augs not maxed AA | 1x just Autogrant AA naked
1x Wiz 115 MAX AA:

Send me a Message to work out a Deal.
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🛎️ none
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