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Jan 10, 2015
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Yes, I'm the original creator.
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Just me!
๐Ÿ“ง I will tell buyer the original email address
๐Ÿ“ž No, there is no phone number linked to the account.
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๐Ÿ’ณ No credit card has ever been used on the account.
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Selling some of my crew. All are on their own individual account.
Clean Accounts*

No SQ/SA Set*
You are original owner upon purchase

--65 Monk 430aa - 130 banked

Vanazir` Dreamer's Despair - PoTime
Ring of Force - PoTime
PoTime BP - Ton Po's
Elemental Bracers / Gloves / Boots / Legs / Arms
Drape of the Agile - 8% Dodge Mod
Pulsing Emerald Hoop - PoTime
Ring of Force - PoTime
Padded Frostfoot Sandals - +2 heroic str
Earring of Living Earth

+5 dmg aug*
+25 attack aug
+4 heroic str aug
+4 heroic stam aug

+4 heroic stam aug

Fully Elemental and Time Flagged
Amazing DPS*

Looking for $350 obo

--65 Enchanter 260aa - 60 banked

PoTime Robe* -
25% increased length of Detrimental spells
Full Elemental Gear! -Clicky speed of Vallon on Legs
Sandals of Empowerment - PoTime
Zealot's Spiked Bracer - PoTime
Pauldrons of Purity - PoTime
Cape of Flames
Mask of Conceptual Energy - PoTime
Earth Toned Band
Circular Crystalline Formation - 10% dodge mod
Entwood Earring
Flame Encased Earring
Crystal Tipped Onyxwood Staff

+4 heroic Agil aug
+4 heroic Stam aug

289/300 JC

Fully Elemental and Time Flagged
Looking for $300 obo

--65 Rogue 395aa - 130 banked

Ifir, Dagger of Fire - Fennin
Hammer of Crushing Waves - Coirnav
Faded Gloves of the Shadows - Bite of Shissar Proc Clicky*
Double Woven Kelp Cord - Coirnav
Full Elemental minus BP
Iced Chain Boots - +2 heroic str
Orb of Trapped Magic
Necklace of Reflected Flames
Earring of Xaoth Kor - PoTime +4 heroic str aug
Earring of Living Earth
Cloak of Ferocity - Potime
Mail of Storms - Coirnav

+1 dmg aug
+1 dmg aug
+20 backstab aug
+20 attack + 2hp regen aug
+4 heroic str aug
+2 heroic dex aug

Poison 264/300

Fully Elemental and Time Flagged
Amazing DPS*

Looking for $350 obo

--65 Wizard 280aa - 50 banked

Wand of Impenetrable Force - PoTime
*Forceshield Clicky (stacks with buff lines)
Bone Silver Ornament
Intricately Etched Seashell
*Full Elemental
PoTime Robe - 35% increase fire dmg
Circlet of Flowing Time - PoTime
Mask of Conceptual Energy - PoTime
Earring of Eternal Flame - Fennin
Talisman of Tainted energy - PoTime
Belt of Temporal Bindings - PoTime
Silvery Slippers of the Evoker - Clicky Iceflame of E`ci
*Epic 1.0

+40% magic damage aug
15% Specialize Evocation aug
+30% Fire dmg aug

Fully Elemental and Time Flagged
Amazing DPS*

Looking for $250 obo

--65 Druid 384aa - 125 banked

Orb of Clinging Death - PoTime (Swarming Death Clicky)
Hammer of Hours - PoTime
Immaculate Vest of the Fire Tyrant - Fennin
Kelp-Lined Mantle - Coirnav
Elemental Legs / Gloves / Boots
Elemental Sleeves - Improved Healing
Tiny Jade Ring - PoTime
Cloak of Ferocity - PoTime
Mask of the Insightful
Blackflame Sphere - RGC clicky

40% increased healing aug*

Fully Elemental and Time Flagged
Looking for $350

--65 Beastlord 330aa - 95 banked

Cudgel of Wrecking

Ethereal Destroyer
Cap of Flowing Time - PoTime
Bracer of Timeless Rage - PoTime
Shroud of Provocation - PoTime
Globe of Mystical Protection - +3 heroic agil PoTime
Protective Sleeves - +4heroic stam PoTime
Woven Steel Sash - 20% increase beneficial duration
Tunic of Coalesced Sand
Elemental Gloves / Legs / Boots
Wristband of Rathe - 41% haste
Ring of Algae
Cloak of Flickering Flames
Entropy Pendant

+2 dmg aug

+3 dmg aug

Fully Elemental and Time Flagged
Looking for $350 obo

If you have any questions regarding any account please ask at any time!
Thank you!
Refund Policy
๐Ÿ›Ž๏ธ I offer a 6month Refund from time of purchase if the account becomes compromised on my behalf
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